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This week’s podcast is a beautiful deep dive into what it takes to lead yourself first. Lisa Thompson began her career after studying Psychology, Social Work and Counselling, working predominantly in crisis spaces, including youth homelessness and a hospital emergency department. She now describes herself as an expression of love, hope and inspiration, enlightening others that they too can reclaim their health and well-being by following the golden thread home to the healer within.

“My advice is to do the work on yourself. Because when people notice the change in you, it inspires them. But also what I’ve really noticed is the more work I do on myself, the more those around me shift and change based solely on my perception and the inner work that I’m doing, it’s such a fascinating thing to watch. When you heal things within yourself and then it has this… like a flow-on effect and things shift and change with the people around you. And so yes I guess my advice is to be the example and lead yourself first.” Lisa Thompson

Lisa has always been deeply passionate about her work however it wasn’t until she led herself through her own powerful journey of healing herself of an incurable condition and freeing her mind from the bind of past trauma that she really discovered therapies that light her up, energise her soul and create deep transformation from within.

Lisa is now proudly a certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Time-Line Therapy, Hypnotherapist, Integrative Health Practitioner, Meditation creator and Reiki Practitioner, shining a light and sharing the incredible gifts of traditional, holistic and natural healing practices.

Supporting mostly women both 1:1 and in group settings to address any area of life where they may be feeling stuck (family, career, finances, relationship and health), to clear what is unconsciously holding them back and allow them to propel forward, taking full responsibility for the creation of their life and therefore designing a world that they ultimately desire.

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