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“Ask for help. As hard as it is, and I know it’s not bred in men to ask for help. It’s seen as a sign of weakness but just seek help pretty much. You don’t necessarily have to go out and say that my life’s so bad, what am I going to do with this and that, but yeah just ask for help and just understand it’s not a weakness to ask for help.” Brendon Giebel.

Another remarkable young man I have the privilege to interview this week. 29-year-old Brendon Giebel is the Founder & Lead Breakthrough Expert at Advanced Men’s Development. After being a shy, sad, lonely and depressed boy in his early 20’s he started on a journey to find who he was and what it takes to be a man. We hear his journey from not wanting to be here to the power of going within, and has discovered a systematic formula that is helping men do the same.

He has set himself some pretty big goals. His first target is to personally transform the lives of 1 million men and his second is to build the #1 training facility for Men in Australia.

Combining his skills as a Master Practitioner in NLP and Time Line Therapy, there is no man that he cannot transform.

So many shy, or more introverted men, can feel worthless or not good enough. Brendon explains how he was on the edge questioning himself if it was really all worth it and made a decision after he found a voice within question… ‘Are you really going to give up that easily?’ And being a pretty stubborn soul, he realised running away or ending it wasn’t going to work and made it his mission to do anything and everything he could to crawl out of that hole.

He shares his beautiful story of being told he needed medicating, that he was depressed and needed tablets to help, but Brendon felt differently. He believes you can feel sad, even deeply sad, but not everyone is depressed.

Rather than look at all the things not working in your life, ask yourself what is and what more do you want?

Self-awareness is something he advocates hugely. He has dedicated his life to helping people get out of their conscious mind and tap into the wonder and drive of the unconscious mind. He has some beautiful quotes and self-care rituals he suggests below.

He talks about the insight into people who annoy or trigger you, how important self-awareness and learning is to grow and let go of those triggers and he shares how having a coach or mentor or someone who supports you to do the work on yourself is when the work really starts to work for you.

He has advice for men over 30 and for those under 30. His wisdom and care are beyond his years.

You will love this amazing interview with an incredibly insightful and brilliant young man.


Brendon’s Quotes:

You change a man, you change a family

You change a family, you change a community

You change a community, you change a country

And you change a country, you can change the world.


“The world is divided & lays in broken heaps because man is divided within himself” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


WTD – Walk Think Discover – Self-Care Ritual

At sunrise, set a timer and walk for 20 mins. No phone, music or anything. Just you and your thoughts. Keep asking yourself 2 questions, Who am I? and Where am I now? For the whole 20mins and once the times up, sit down and record the answers into your phone. As you return, listen to your own words for the walk home.

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