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“One of the first things I like to focus on with people is to say, “Look, what energy are you giving to money and wealth?” Because if you are negative and you’re focusing on the negatives, which we sometimes tend to do naturally, then that’s just going to bring in more of that same emotion. It’s very hard to flip that then and to focus on the positives. So every single person I know who has high net wealth, they don’t even give money an energy, they don’t actually even think about it. It’s a transactional thing for them. Are we able to do it? Do the figures stack up, yes or no? If it does we do it, if it doesn’t, we don’t. And it’s just that simple for them. And then it becomes a flow for them quite easily.”  Jodie Nolan

I am super excited to bring to you a topic we don’t delve into that often. The idea that we can create a certain energy around money is quite unique. And of course, based on your level of interest, education, understanding, upbringing and experience will determine how that energy flows. Jodie Nolan is one of Australia’s most admired and respected financial advisors and best selling author. She has been on the top of the money mountain and on the brink of bankruptcy and in this interview shows how a positive mindset and willingness to get curious, real and raw around creating wealth is your secret weapon.

Jodie is an inspirational teacher who draws on the significant industry experience she has gained over the past 20 years to provide a unique and inspiring perspective on financial education. Jodie is not your typical educator or motivator. She endears herself by sharing her compelling story – a story of one individual’s courage to face adversity and go back to the financial basics to turn her situation around.

Losing millions in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Jodie shows how restoring your financial health can be done, she is walking the talk! She talks candidly about how it was hard not to be added and pissed off, how she felt shattered for everyone around her and given she was a newborn mother she also felt robbed of that joy. Jodie talks about the grieving process when we lose money.

It appears easy to preach the road to success when you have known few failures, however, Jodie shares how she built her wealth, how it was lost and most importantly, how she is building it back again! It’s about having an attitude of gratitude.

Jodie believes that nothing is infallible when it comes to financial matters, no fool-proof financial strategy or ‘safest’ way to make money. She firmly believes it is a combination of factors that shape your financial success and she shares them with us in a heartfelt, inspiring way.

With extensive experience in major financial firms and institutional banks, and her own personal experiences with financial ups and downs, Jodie lives and breathes finance – she is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and has an uncanny knack for explaining even the most complex of financial terms and jargon into a way everyone can relate and understand.

One of the key components of wealth and happiness is having a why, a when and then the power to reverse engineer the process to meet those goals.  She believes money has an energy of its own. And even more important, with awareness, is an ability to become a wonderful change agent.

Passing on crucial information and strategies for individuals and small business owners – especially the stuff that should have been taught in school but wasn’t. Jodie co-authored a best-selling book ‘Read My Lips’ and then went onto publishing ‘Surviving the Storm’ in 2011.

Jodie says there are three things that keep us awake at night:

  1. Health
  2. Money
  3. Relationships

None of these three things are taught at school. We have to learn them all at home.

Jodie is a contributing columnist and ‘expert panel’ for numerous financial publications and believes the key to Australia’s Financial Literacy issues and people’s ability to achieve results, involves being adequately educated and she has completed a Thesis on this subject in her Masters of Business (Applied Finance) through Queensland University of Technology.

Establishing her own financial advice and education firm EQUIS Group Wealth Management to take clients from education through to planning and subsequent action on the recommended strategies, to create long-term wealth.

We talk digital and crypto-currencies and bitcoin. And we discuss whether or not you are willing to be a change agent and be different to those who follow mainstream media. Jodie is super passionate about getting to the root cause of poverty and of course how to change that to creating a powerful root cause for wealth. Money takes time, get real with where you are at, no need for the embarrassment it’s all perspective and learning.

Jodie lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland with her two beautiful children and in her spare time loves to research global economics and subsequently writes for Your Trading Edge Magazine, Australia’s premier trading & investment magazine as their Expert Geopolitical Commentator.

She suggests listening to TED talks, read biographies and learn through other peoples journeys. Learn how to react with grace and recover well. Remember there are more millionaires made in a downturn then there is in an upturn of economy.

One of Jodie’s favourite quotes is from Nelson Mandela

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Her final message is to have hope. Look at where you are right now, this is a growth thing, a journey, a process. Hold hope in your heart, don’t give money a negative energy. Be grateful. Take small steps and the ripple effect will be huge. Become conscious, it is profound when you realise how wealth and money has an energy that is good for you.

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