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“At the end of three weeks, I was more well than I had been in my adult body. And I had to know how they did it. So I went, ‘That’s it!’ So I walked away from an 11-year relationship and just walked away from so much stuff and went ‘I have to get my shit together!’ And I went back to school and studied. I put all my specialty in how day to day life stress compounds and taxes our health. So the emotional in the physical body, and particularly adrenal health because in Chinese Medicine as you know your adrenals are at the core of your being, it’s where your chi lives. And when you run out of chi – you die.” Jennifer Jefferies

Jennifer Jefferies is The Present Day Wise Woman, one of Australia’s most respected authors and speakers in the area of health and wellbeing, working closely with some of the world’s most well-known brands to restore work-life balance and minimise illness and burnout. And this week I get to interview this (in her words), tree-hugging, daggy dyke where she shares the purpose of life isn’t just to live but to thrive and to stand in the certainty of your true self.

She was thrown out of the army for being gay which not only broke her heart but in that moment, decided no one will ever hold anything over her ever again. She will always express herself openly and encourages everyone that we can say ‘I am allowed to be ME’.

Experiencing corporate burnout in her 20’s, eventually, a car accident stopped her in her tracks and she knew she could not go back to the way she had been living and working. It was through natural therapies that she found her health again, and after just three weeks knew she was heading in the right direction. She was so inspired Jennifer went back to school to study to be a naturopath and aromatherapist.

Jennifer has put her specialty into how “day to day” life stressors impact our physical health. Showing up with symptoms like crappy energy, sleep, moods, weight, aches and pains and hormone issues etc. So many of our day to day “ails” are lifestyle stress-related.
Turning away from her pharmaceutical management career, and becoming sober, Jennifer became a passionate naturopath, and for more than 25 years has helped countless individuals improve their lives so they can live their dreams, enjoy life and give back.

Subscribing to the philosophy that wealth and success mean nothing without your health, Jennifer authored the 7 Steps to Sanity and thirteen other health-related titles, sharing practical real-life strategies to help teams and individuals improve their health, wellbeing and productivity by finding balance in their lives.

Known for her fun, humorous, no-nonsense approach to healthy living, and her proven ability to motivate others to make positive changes to their lives both inside and outside the workplace, Jennifer is a highly sought after presenter, speaking to corporations in more than a dozen countries including Australia, USA, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Determined to leave the world a better place, Jennifer has also established The Q Foundation to give health, hope and happiness to children in poverty-stricken countries through providing education, health care, accommodation and welfare services.

Self-described as a psychedelic, peace and brown rice loving hippie and a passionate, adventurous traveller, when Jennifer isn’t writing or speaking, she is working towards her goal of owning a complete set of Lonely Planet books, purchasing them only once she has travelled to each place.

You are going to love this interview, Jen is open, raw, funny and downright awesome.

She appreciates how good we are at guilt-tripping ourselves into stress mode. But knowing that we are emotional beings how much this affects our physical welfare is very much underestimated.

Read The 4 Agreements here.

Jen believes self-love is doing what lifts your vibe. Love ourselves first. Stand in certainty. Do cool shit on this planet. Be that vibe.

There is no magic answer. Be the inspiration. Give life a crack from the heart.
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