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‘I used to do a lot of endurance sports, the long-distance running and triathlons, Iron Man’s and things like that and what I realised is I got really good at running a long way, running away. So, I was using running and those endurance sports as a way to distract myself from the things I actually needed to focus on in my life. And, at the time, I was using that hustle, that drive, that competitive spirit, and taking on immense challenges as a way to feel I was being productive, but I was actually being productive and achieving things in parts of my life that weren’t fulfilling.’ ~ Leigh Stalker

Leigh Stalker is an acclaimed performance coach renowned for his extraordinary feats and expertise in physical and mental conditioning. His diverse background, ranging from setting a world record to enduring some of the planet’s most gruelling physical challenges, uniquely positions him to coach elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are aiming for the pinnacle of their potential.

Leigh’s journey in high-performance coaching is underpinned by his experiences across various extreme environments. From summiting a 6200-meter Himalayan mountain solo, completing Ironman triathlons, to setting an endurance challenge world record, Leigh’s own accomplishments are a testament to the effectiveness of his techniques.

His tenure at sea as a Master of Yachts provided him with critical insights into resilience and leadership under pressure, skills he integrates into his coaching to enhance physical and mental endurance. Leigh’s approach combines advanced breathwork, mindfulness, and visualisation techniques to help athletes master their bodies and minds, preparing them for competitive success and everyday

Whether you’re aiming to push your limits in fitness or expand on your life’s dreams, Leigh’s coaching provides the strategies and motivation to achieve extraordinary goals. Join him to transform your performance and reach the heights of your athletic aspirations.

His definition of Self Love is being kind to oneself, and look at yourself through the lens of kindness which will allow you to think in a more empowered way.

His favourite quote is from a teacher in India:
‘Joy is our nature.’

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You do not have to believe everything you are told in the health industry.
I think I was very stubborn, and having such a hard time with my health, I questioned it all.
I was able to turn that stubbornness into a genuine strength that gave me confidence.
Big energetic challenges create a lot of noise.
Check in with yourself and ask the question am I giving too much to this?
A more mindful and gentle approach has me highly motivated and pumped.
What is it that is adding value to my life and those I love?
As a coach you need to understand your clients well.
What is the cost of you engaging in this?
Sleep, hydration and inflammation are basic markers.
Breath work allows you to think more calming and less reactive.
Get someone to believe they are worth it is the big challenge.
It’s not about perfection but doing a good job consistently.
It is about making investments in yourself.
Allow for hurdles to come up and adapt accordingly.
Ask what would a role model do? What is the real reasoning?
Climbing 6,200mts solo was a big task and my biggest achievement.
I needed to do something that required new behaviours.
Nothing is really a certainty but we need to make our best decision we can in a powerful and regulated way.
Pushing the limits was a familiar state for me.
Men and women are so so different in how we think, how we feel and how we operate.
Be kind to yourself.
Joy is our nature.
We have a choice in every situation.


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