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“Anything that’s happening outside of you can be taken a million different ways. So 2020 happened and for a lot of people it brought up some things and it challenged them but for other people, it gave them growth opportunities and they saw all the possibilities in the chaos. So our nervous system is designed to impose order on chaos and literally if you saw reality as it was it would be in complete order but it’s actually in absolute chaos because there’s so many things happening that you cannot perceive it all at once. So our nervous system filters it down and takes that stream of information and makes it something we think is our coherent reality.” Paul Eliseo

Get ready to go on a deep dive conversation into what it means to be human in this week’s podcast with the incredible Paul Eliseo. I truly love this amazing soul and the way he thinks. We talk about how most people think the world is happening to them, for them, where in fact it is happening as them. Depending on our upbringing, filtering systems, meta programs, personality, thought processes, values and beliefs will depend on how we view the world. And there is not one person who sees or experiences the world the same way you do and vice versa. This makes for a very interesting, often conflicting world.

Paul talks about how there is no one reality, there are just all different versions of reality, we are co-creating our own reality.

Having goals and having a vision and something to move towards is really important. Because when you know what that is, then you can start to live in alignment with it. But a lot of people are basically living life as if they are on a dodgem car. When you get on that car, there’s no real goal. You get knocked in by other people, you knock into other people until your time is up. And you either have fun or get upset and that’s it.

That’s how a lot of people live life. They get knocked off track. They focus on bumping into other people and getting revenge, but they don’t really have a clear destination or way to win or get what they want.

Having goals is like on getting on a train track. You set a goal of where you want to get to, you know where you’re going and when you want to get there. And sometimes there are stops along the way. And if you get there and it’s not where you want to go, you then find somewhere else you want to go but it’s all about working out your destination and going on a journey to get there.

If you are not in alignment with that goal it is simply a fantasy.

When there is an external event we each have an emotional lens – we feel good or bad. How you interpret it, how you process it and see it is all happening at an unconscious level.

Your outside world occurs as you see it based on your inside world. And we either move towards pleasure or away from pain.

Paul shares his own story and how he took what could be perceived as a rather tough upbringing, and learned how to master his thoughts, values and beliefs and created a new reality which literally changed his life.

He says people create issues around weight, money, health, career and relationships and then live their lives according to the way they perceive it to be based on their values. Many do not realise the past does not have to become the future.  You can evolve by choice.

A coach or mentor can help you to reclaim energy, grow up and mature so that you do not get triggered or halted by your past beliefs. You then get to invest in creating and pre-creating – not recreating.

And yes – it is that easy!

If you think it is hard and you cannot do it, you won’t. But if you believe you can and live your life in alignment with your values then anything is possible.

There are 3 types of people when it comes to change.

  1. Not ready
  2. Continue as they are
  3. Take action

Those that take action know it is a process and continual learning. Life will give you tests for each level of evolvement. And as you mature and grow you get better levels and qualities of problems. You get to evolve through choice not chance and be a conscious creator.

No matter what has happened in your life, or happened to you, each day no matter what you get a choice. Remember people will be who you need them to be so you can see what you need to see. We often view people based on what we see from our past. And yet we each have the potential to allow them to show up in a completely different way, at a whole new level when we consciously take the time to learn and grow from our experiences. Know that life is echoing back at you.

But it takes energy, commitment and a desire to want to learn and grow.

Paul talks extensively about hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which are phenomenal tools to help you understand the origin of your thoughts and programming and how to create the life you dream of.

He mentions how we each go on our own hero’s journey. Here is a link to watch a video explaining the Hero’s Journey according to Joesph Campbell you can watch it here.  Every person’s journey is unique and you can become the hero in your own journey. It’s never too late to go to a new level.

Paul explains how to show up for 2021 if you are wanting to create new possibilities.


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Evolve is run by its founder Paul Eliseo. Paul has been heavily involved in Holistic Health and Personal Development since he first started using NLP and Self Hypnosis to transform his life. He created better health, a new career path, happier and more fulfilling relationships and fell in love with self-improvement. Now his mission is to empower others and teach them the tools they need to create the life they want.

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