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“I think one of my biggest things I’ve learned over the last 1-2 years, in fact, more this year is that (a good friend of ours Genine Howard has taught me is), “I’m not available!” I’m not available for this, I’m not available for that. That has been my biggest I guess mantra this year and that is choosing what I am available for and what I’m not available for. And actually owning that decision and not feeling guilty about it, not feeling remorse, not having anxiety about it, not worrying about what are my friends going to think, what are my family going to think? It’s just making that decision and owning it and being available for what you want to be available for and having the ‘balls’ to go, I’m not available for that. I’m not available for the toxic people, I’m not available for the negativity, I’m not available for whatever it is, that you’re not available for, own it and don’t be afraid and don’t get anxious about owning your decisions.” Tamara Wrigley

In this week’s podcast, I am super excited to introduce you to the amazing Tamara Wrigley who throughout her life has learned the importance of knowing how to adapt and change and become her own kind of chameleon to succeed. Tam shares how you get to choose who you want to be just as she has mastered in her careers going from a multi-million dollar real estate business owner to being a television presenter, fashionista and renovation queen. All perfect tips as we head into a brand new year!

By the age of 30 Tam was a multi-millionaire with a healthy property portfolio of over 30 properties and became a very well respected businesswoman. By 2013, Tam had developed her real estate credentials from small to large portfolios, managing property management divisions, training staff and developing new offices and managing over 20 staff. On the back of winning Sunshine Coast Corporate Business Woman of the Year, and having felt like she had achieved her goals, it was during this time she decided to reflect back on her dream to become a Television personality.

Tamara is the host of the smash hit The Wine O’Clock Show with over 130,000 viewers each week, she is also the host of iStyle TV and is the host of her 3rd TV series called Beyond Beautiful. Aptly titled ‘Beyond Beautiful’ – it’s the ‘beyond’ aspect that makes this so special. Tam appreciates we are constantly surrounded by images and conversations of people’s success and it can leave us feeling less, unaware we are comparing our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s show reel. Beyond Beautiful gives audiences the raw, insightful, honest and real stories behind some truly wonderful, strong and successful people.

But it hasn’t always been easy sailing for Tamara as in 2014 she had a significant health scare which she shares openly in this podcast and highly recommends anyone with symptoms of endometriosis that you insist on getting a laparoscopy to investigate the seriousness of it as it easy to misdiagnose and not get picked up on. Her message is simple, your body is NOT meant to be in pain. Get it checked if you are.

Tamara also talks about the setbacks and the relentless amount of work it takes to succeed, that it does not just happen overnight, that you must be willing to do what it takes to get the success you desire.

She believes one of the most important things you could do to succeed is to surround yourself with the right people. Don’t talk about things until they are done. Keep things to yourself until you are ready to share so that others do not pull you down. She knows women tend to put themselves to the bottom of the list but to remember you are just as important, if not more, than the job or your work or getting the car serviced! And do not forget the 24-hour rule. If you are unsure, let something sit for 24 hours before you make a decision or act.

Tamara has been on nearly all of the Retreats I have held including India, NZ, Paris and Provence and what she loves most about them is the connection, the people who are attracted to these Retreats, the energy and the beautiful learnings. She loves how everyone is on the same wavelength, the same path and whilst the scenery and attractions are amazing it is the workshops and connections that have meant the most to her.

Her favourite mantra/quote is the 7 P’s:

Prior Pre Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

Her New Years tip to you as we head into 2021 is to be realistic, don’t set yourself up to fail or fall, try not to be unreasonable with yourself and set little goals so you know you have the ability to succeed every day.

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