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It’s meant to be a time of joy, but we all know that for many this time of year can also be quite stressful, lonely or disappointing.

Given the year we have had we also have many families separated or unable to get to loved ones. There has been a lot of loss this year and some are even saying it doesn’t even feel like Christmas. But let’s keep calm and carry on regardless!

In this week’s quicky I share just a few tips on how to reduce the stress and triggers so you get to enjoy this festive season as much as possible.

Finances can be stretched at this time of year, many of us have been struck with financial challenge this year so try not to put any more pressure on yourself than is necessary. This year I decided to make Beetroot Chutney and a gluten-free Christmas Cake for gifts, and I have to be honest they have been so well received. If you are on the Twenty8 database you would have received my free Festive Treats eBook.

Make sure you set realistic expectations, it might not be the best time of year for you, or you may experience feelings of anxiety or depression or stress. Be kind to yourself and don’t put the bar so high.

Let’s always remember that even if there are any family tensions that our beautiful children come first. They remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to hang, laugh, give your time and smile. Always remember to enable their happiness.

There is nothing quite like alcohol to make or break a function. It might be tempting to indulge a little but be mindful if you are using alcohol to relieve stress or cope with a situation. We all know what comes out of people’s mouths when drinking may not always be intended as badly as it sounds or received in the way it was said.

If you know you have members of your family or friends who cause a little stress be incredibly mindful of not getting into arguments or winding people up! Stick to being emotionally intelligent and look out for the two words mentioned below to help diffuse any tension or comments.

This is also a time of year to manage loneliness. Even if you are separated from loved ones try not to sit there and wait for people to acknowledge you. Reach out and connect with as many people as you can. Make time for a house-party (phone app) call or make time on zoom, skype or facetime.

You can also volunteer and lend a hand to a local shelter or charity to stay connected. There is something quite special about positively contributing to others in need at this time of year.

Look out for community events going on in your area, whether it is market days or Christmas carols these become beautiful ways to connect with others.

Make sure you plan your day, work out what you would like to do and see if others feel as enrolled and excited to do the same. And if they don’t then don’t take it personally, make yourself available to a charity instead.

Keep as healthy as possible during this Christmas break. Whilst it is easy to overindulge and eat foods you normally wouldn’t try, or eat as much of, to be mindful to not put yourself into a food coma! Every single food you put in your mouth, every product you place on your body has a metrabolic reaction. Take care of your precious vehicle.

Use your essential oils. There is nothing more effective than setting a mood and space with your diffuser and 100% pure essential oils. I personally love oils of frankincense, myrrh, pine and orange, or our Twenty8 Festive Blend with oils of clove, cinnamon and orange. You might even enjoy two of my faves at the moment which are lavender and sage.

And finally… two words that might help you not be triggered or stressed by other people’s stress and comments.

‘That’s interesting!’

That’s right… when someone says anything that may trigger you or feel annoying, maybe diffuse it by just realising how interesting it is that other people have a different view point. It actually is fascinating what some say and do so go with it, and without facetiousness or condescending tone just reply with a ‘Wow, that’s interesting!’

And fingers and toes crossed the tension melts away and you move on to better more positive things!

Merry Christmas you gorgeous soul, I have to say I have loved presenting the Self Love Podcast to you and am truly excited about all that is to come. Big hugs to you and your precious friends and family.

Lots of love

Kim xx

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