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“However that looks for you, or however that is, male or female, whatever, but someone that you can listen to that’s been on that pathway of discovery and also I think for yourself, finding some self-awareness and working on oneself to realise… man, we’re fallible, we make mistakes. But as long as you can learn from those and accept that we make mistakes or have been wrong or stupid or silly, you’ve just got to somehow find a way that you feel good about yourself again and love yourself again.” Danny Morrison

What an absolute treat to interview my very own husband Danny Morrison this week and share with you his incredible story.

Danny was considered too short to be a fast bowler but he had a huge dream to play cricket for NZ and open the bowling with Sir Richard Hadlee. He not only fulfilled that dream but went on to have an amazing career playing for NZ for ten years and became NZ’s first player to take a one-day hattrick.

But it wasn’t all positive and easy. Danny had serious injuries he had to deal with, he had to face the physical and mental pressures of being an elite athlete and had to learn to re-create himself at the end of his sporting career.

Danny shares openly how his deputy principal Murray Deaker and his mother Sandi Morrison were the two massive supporters of his dream and played a big part in supporting him through the challenging times too. Both always told him it’s great to dream big.

Danny also talks about his beautiful sister Zara and how he lost her to suicide in 2005. He shares how he went to a dark place himself and really questioned what it was all about. He did not know what it all meant until he hit his own rock bottom and had to make a decision to pull himself up, over and through the demons he had to face.

He shares his strategies on how he did this and how he believes we should never take for granted that health is your greatest asset.

Danny played cricket for NZ from 1987-1997. He took 160 Test wickets and 125 one day wickets. He is known now for his dramatic and theatrical television commentating when Twenty-20 exploded onto the scene and is absolutely adored throughout the sub-continent commuities.

It is a privilege to be married to this man, and I am thrilled to be able to share with you our darkest times which have become the catalyst to create our happiest times. We both do not take this life we have together for granted.

I am also honoured that he is a partner in our Twenty8 Essential Oils and Skincare business.

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