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‘I really believe that the people who are working within the system are doing their absolute best to provide really beautiful care for their clients, their patients and the people in there, but looking outside of those systems allows us to look at human beings as whole and find them new resources and ways to be able to do things. And it takes them out of the need for just the diagnostic and the label and it looks at them as a wholistic whole person.’ Lynn Rane

A gypsy at heart Lynn Rane is one extraordinary soul. Born in Glasgow, raised all over Australia and living her earlier years in the defence force has brought a lot of colour, variety and worldly experience. Lynn is a mother of five and has a passion to help people understand just how intricate and beautiful they are. Lynn shares how life does not have to be ‘good’ all of the time and if we can allow the full spectrum of emotions and challenges then we will innately know how to lead ourselves home.

Lynn is an Integration Mentor and Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in helping humans bring the multiple facets of themselves together for deeper clarity, alignment and embodiment.

Lynn has a diverse background in somatic, emotional intelligence and regulation, mental health and wellness, guiding artists & creators, entrepreneurs and business owners through her private Mentorship and in-person events.

Lynn is a mother of five, a published author, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Master Practitioner in NLP, Master Practitioner in Timeline Therapy, Reiki Practitioner, Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator and she holds Connection Circles and Retreats.

Her definition of Self Love is the gratitude for just being able to be in the present moment. It encompasses so many things so many emotions. It is holding myself in reverence and gratitude for being present and being able to experience all aspects of my life even the not so nice ones. It is being able to hold myself and being witness to myself.

Her favourite quote is:

‘You innately know how to lead yourself and stay curious.’

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I’m a gypsy at heart
I love soul pleasing and meeting new people
There is nothing quite like a tight knit community
People are doing their best
It takes them out of the need for just the diagnostic and the label
A diagnosis can be really helpful especially people navigating their mental wellness
Enabling people to go beyond the identity
Every relationship shines a different facet of who we are
It is a continuous communion with the spirit of who you are
Having gratitude and reverence for oneself
Self-care practices light me up
We start with self-exploration and connecting into feelings
It is beyond experience
Self-connection creates space
This work gives you beautiful enriching mirrors and relationships
Immersion of self
It allows me to connect to my values of freedom expression and connection
Being in the present moment is all you need
To know just how intricate and expansive and beautiful as they are
Allow the full spectrum of emotions and challenges
It doesn’t need to be ‘good’ all the time
Be gentle with yourself
Seek help and support of others if you need it
You innately know how to lead yourself

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