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“And then when I drawback to my younger years of primary school and high school where I struggled with my weight I’m like hang on there’s something in this here. I’ve got a platform on television where I’m performing and I’m ticking that box out of my energy, and I’m talking about something I’m passionate about that actually transformed my life when I was overweight, now I can help others do the same thing through this large platform and having a really cool voice.  So now it’s 2020 the face is holding up alright, but the goal is to perform, share, project, be confident and share far and wide health, wellness, vitality, happiness – it’s the best part I could have ever got because it’s me being me.” Luke Hines

A deep-dive conversation with the incredible Luke Hines celebrity chef, author and television host, where we talk about breaking and healing, living your best life, the highs and lows of Luke’s life, his self-care rituals, how to plan your day, how loneliness has affected him, we talk sexuality, negativity, social media, covid, Luke’s mum who is his idol, his love of animals and how to support people you love through challenging times… and of course we talk cauliflower!

This amazing podcast dives into the life and times of the incredible Luke Hines, someone who in his early years, always struggled with his weight. He knew he wasn’t taking the best care of himself and one day woke up and realised he needed to make some positive changes if he was to live to his true potential and have a happy and healthy life. So he began eating well, moving his body, reading and researching, and most importantly started thinking more positively about himself and for the first time he truly started to believe in himself that he could achieve anything if he put his heart into it.

Luke went to University and attained a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Musical Theatre Performance (the same degree that Hugh Jackman completed). He performed for a few years in some great shows but soon realised that the lonely on-the-road life of an actor was not what he wanted, so he studied health and fitness and became a personal trainer. He was a finalist on MKR where his love of television was born.

He appreciates how much his life has come full circle. Twelve best-selling cookbooks to his name and nutritional therapy qualifications he has developed programs and products to combine his passion, expertise and love for nutrient-dense delicious meals, realistic mindset motivation, and the moves that will keep you well for life, because his number one goal is to help people positively change their life to be the best, healthiest and happiest version of you.

Lukes non-negotiable self-care rituals include:

  • good coffee
  • beach with Ty and the puppies
  • family time
  • sunrise
  • set up the day with a plan
  • good food choices
  • gym and work out
  • plan what to eat and to get to bed early
  • sleep well

The podcast Luke speaks of that inspired him is with Jeff Probst – host of American Survivor.

This beautiful human is one in a million, I know you will love this interview as much as I had the pleasure to bring it to you.

If you would like to get one of his cookbooks, products or do one of his programs you can follow Luke and check him out here:

Television Show – The House Of Wellness – aired Sundays at midday on channel 7






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