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‘So really, the key difference with transcendental meditation is we’re not trying to control the mind, or concentrate, or visualise or be mindful of our thoughts. And all these things activate the mind to some extent. And that’s why if you’ve got a really busy mind or you’re very anxious, it’s really hard to do those techniques. Now an analogy that’s often used when we talk about Transcendental Meditation is to think of the mind as being a bit like the ocean. We can have a lot of turbulence on the surface of the ocean, but if you dive down underneath there is complete stillness and silence. And that’s the same with the mind.’ ~ Wendy Rosenfeldt

Wendy Rosenfeldt is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and a Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner. She has been teaching TM for over 20 years and is passionate about helping people to live their full potential by accessing the deepest levels of the mind and releasing the blocks caused by stress, tension, and past experiences. In this week’s podcast, we dive deep into the understanding of the mind using the power of what it means to transcend and the importance of ayurvedic medicine.


Wendy offers personalised health consultations that take into account your unique constitutional type and addresses imbalances through diet, daily routine, herbs and lifestyle changes. Wendy also conducts Women’s health seminars that give you the tools to experience the changing cycle and rhythms in a woman’s life naturally, without discomfort or emotional turmoil.

Her definition of Self Love is self-realisation. Self-love, self-care is so important. How much we look after ourselves depends on how well we do life. It is not a selfish thing by any means. The more self-care the more you have to give in life. It is really care for the Universe and care for your connection to the Universe.

Her favourite quote is from Maharishi:

‘The world is as we are.’

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I was looking for something more to life
I wanted something beyond the senses
The benefits of meditation improve over time
People are seeking out ways to feel better
Think of the mind a bit like the ocean
Transcend is to go beyond
The more you do it the more you BEcome it
Maharishi was a trained physicist
A key aspect is understanding the connection to quantam physics
Everything is just vibration of the same stuff
Everything behaves like energy
The mind transcends beyond thinking
We are waking up the connection between us and the Universe
It is a state of being not a state of thinking
It is a deeply fulfilling state
The mantra is the vehicle to take the mind within
The self of individual is the self of everything
It is cosmic consciousness
It is a state of self-realisation
Intuition is thinking and feeling at a deeper level
Ayurveda allows us to understand ourselves better
The world is as we are

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