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‘Hormones and genetics are really a small, small part of it. I now know after a long, long time, that the nervous system is so closely related, it is unbelievable. Our gut function is even more closely related. You know we have 12 systems in our body and when one is out, it has a domino effect on the rest. And so, you really can’t look at skin as just what we see here, although that’s obviously what you said we care about the most. Skin really is more than that. I really believe in treating the skin from the inside out and looking at more than just that integumentary skin system.’

Shellie is the proud owner of Asthetique Skin Care and with over 20 years experience in the skin and beauty industry, she is an extremely passionate therapist, healer and leader.

Having suffered problematic skin most of her life, she has made it her mission to ensure that Asthetique Skin Care provides its team and clients with the best education, products and technology there is, vowing not to get caught up in the hype and fake promises that surrounds the industry.

After years of working with clients and through her own skin issues, she noticed that more than just skincare and internal supplements were required to correct the skin. So her studies on the science of the skin, it’s cells and their function soon turned to Reiki Energy Healing and now Ayurvedic Medicine.
When it comes to not only obtaining skin results, but also overall health and wellness, you can eat well, exercise, meditate, go to bed early and use amazing skin care, but if you don’t take care of what is happening in your mind, the same issues will continue to appear.

Therefore, Shellie’s belief in treating the skin from the inside out remains but she now has an even deeper belief that in order to correct skin or free your body from any dis-ease, you need to consider the entire person, the mind, body and soul.

The last 10 years have seen Shellie step back from hands-on in the clinic and focus more on her studies and leadership. Through her own self-discovery journey she has become passionate about helping her team to step into their own power, to grow in self-belief and confidence and to find their individual passion and purpose. She loves nothing more than to see them thrive both personally and professionally.

Originally from Swan Hill, she now lives in Shepparton with her husband Greg and children, Maya, Murphy and Mac. As well as enjoying being a mum to her children, she enjoys a cup of coffee, glass or three of champagne, reading and travelling.

Ultimately she believes that ageing is a privilege and that life really is a precious gift to live, not just to exist.

Her daily rituals include:
1. Lemon water
2. Deep breathing
3. Gratefulness
4. Cleanse
5. Moisturise
6. Night cleanse and moisturise
7. Oils like dry body brushing
8. Add in serums and masks

Shellie Pearson
Asthetique Skin Care
12 Edward Street
Shepparton 3630
(03) 5822 1833

Her definition of Self Love is a bit like the word success. It is different for every body and it can change as we grow and develop and move along our journey. For me it is acceptance, where I have been and where I have come from. Once we start to accept that it begins there. It starts with self-awareness. Then the next step is self-management. Accepting all the not so good bits from the past. And really realising that is what has lead you to where you are today.

Her favourite quote is:

Aging is a privilege and one that is denied to many. And life is for living not just to exist!

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I have always wanted to make people feel safe
I spent a lot of my youth in that fight or flight mode
We really need to look at more than just the skin
Look at the person in their entirety
We look at their mind, body, soul and spirit
We operate at our best when our nervous system is good
Less is more
Skin hasn’t changed for thousands of years
We are so busy doing
Skin is a site of response
There is no one we talk to more than ourselves
It comes back to all of our bodily systems
LED is fantastic
Do we have to look at certain way to fit in?
Let’s drop the term anti-aging
My biggest concern is what we are normalising for the next generation
Aging is a privilege and one that is denied to many
Life is for living and not just to exist

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