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‘I just got so disheartened seeing people get so confused and there’s so much green washing and so much marketing… people, clients of mine would go out trying to take on what we’ve done in a session, and they would think that they were doing the right thing and they came back and I’m like oh so close, so close. And they’d just slightly miss the mark, and then just watching their face, I was just like this is not ok. So yeah, I decided to create Jivita which is an online platform for all organic natural products. And I suppose the difference for my business partner and I Katherine Bond, is that we wanted to create a space that had zero greenwashing, that it is what it says on the tin, literally, wholly, rawly, honestly.’ ~ Kirsty McDaide

Kirsty McDaide, a playful Pom living in Melbourne, has over 17 years full time clinical experience as a holistic exercise and lifestyle coach.
Utilising the incredible knowledge taken from her CHEK training, along with her intuition, Kirsty sets up the framework to invite people to experience deep healing throughout their bodies, hearts and minds.
“When people realise what they are actually capable of. When they experience what being in less or no pain feels like. The glint they get in their eyes when they realise that thing that was holding them back. That moment, that’s why I love this work. The dance all around that is pretty magical too’

Jivita. A Natural Life, Made Easy (her online organic store) sprouted as a natural extension of living and coaching a natural life. Watching people get confused and dishearten when navigating their way through the maze of reducing chemicals in their lives, drove Kirsty to create.
She is honoured and humbled to see Jivita come to life, to bring a honest and raw place for you to explore and take your health journey back into your own hands.

Her definition of Self Love is that you can look at it so many different ways but it is tapping into who you really are, your calling, finding the place that excites you, brings you exuberance, what feels right and often you will find it sits deep in your heart.

Some products stocked by Jivita is Sheridan Austin’s Foraged, Shroom To Improve (medicinal mushrooms), Sales Squared, Earth Star Collective (natural spray perfumes and insect repellent), Byron Bay Coffee, My Toxin Free, Twenty8, Waters Co, Helen Pardarin’s Teas.

Her favourite quote is from Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz:

‘You have always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.’

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My a-ha was when I realised I felt like I was home
Creating beautiful space of healing
There is no cookie cutter approach to life
If you’re guessing you’re not assessing
If you’re guessing I hope you are not charging
It was a rough awakening
Had to grieve the reality and disillusionment of the world
Potential to make mistakes but that is part of the process
Clean up heads, hearts, lives and homes
We do all have an essence and a calling
I want a deep sense of integrity
If you don’t know don’t say that you do
Go do it, you have to do this
Jivita means life force and radiant being
It doesn’t have to be anyone else’s journey
My vitality is so precious to me
I want to bring purpose and love into my life
Be kind to yourself, be gentle
It all has such a symbiotic relationship
Start with water
Ask, imagine, hear and feel it
The majesty of what you truly want is the deepest act of self-love


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