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‘So, I was looking at another way that I could use my skillset and use my passion for telling stories and self-publishing. And the world of books is just going absolutely gang-busters. I think I saw some stats the other day that book sales of self-published authors around the world has increased by 240% in the last five years, so it’s massive and so I saw a lot of potential there. But also, the person, that little person inside of me that just really wanted to help people find their voices and to speak up was going, hey you can do this on a whole new level, you can help someone uncover their voice, maybe for the first time.’ ~ Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane.

Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane is a ghostwriter and writing mentor who works closely with aspiring authors to empower them to become the changemakers they dream to be through authorship.

Storytelling has been Roxanne’s bread and butter since 2007 with a long career as a journalist for newspapers, magazines, and online publications before transferring her skillsets into non-fiction book creation.

Her emphasis on connection to her authors and honouring the uniqueness of their stories has seen her recognised in:

• Finalist Sunshine Coast Business Awards Creative Industries
• Finalist Australian Woman Small Business Champion Awards Sole Trader
• WINNER Micro/Small Business Woman in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards.
• Australian Small Business Champion Awards Sole Trader Finalist.
• Australian Small Business Champion Awards Sole Trader Finalist.
• Australian My Business Awards for Young Leader of the Year Finalist (one of only two female finalists).
• Australian My Business Awards for B2C Business of the Year Finalist.
• Young Business Woman of the Year Finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards.
• Australian My Business Awards Young Leader of the Year Finalist.

When she isn’t in her writing cave, leading Ignite & Write workshops, or mentoring aspiring authors, Roxanne enjoys asserting her dominance in family games of Bananagrams, playing her guitar, and curling up in the hammock on the back deck with a good book.

About Me

• Nonfiction book ghostwriter
• Writing mentor
• Facilitator of Ignite & Write workshops
• Author
• Award-winning businesswoman
• Ambassador for no more fake smiles

Her definition of Self Love is accepting and understanding who you are at a deep level. It’s about knowing yourself and knowing that we all have flaws and being ok with that. Knowing too, that our flaws can be our super-power. It’s taking that time to connect.

Her favourite quote is from her book by Roy T. Bennett

‘Believe in yourself, you are braver than you think, more talented than you know and capable of more than you imagine.’

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Instagram: @roxannewriter
The Phoenix Phenomenon®,

I had a desire to create connection
There’s always a purpose for everything that we do
It’s always about the people
Finding your voice and sharing your story is such a privilege
What is the wisdom and knowledge that you have to share?
My super power is interviewing
It’s all about coffee chats
Feel brave and comfortable telling your story
Everyone has a story in them
A ghost writer allows you to tell your story without doing the heavy lifting
It is about having certainty and having the passion to tell your story
It brings about clarity before you write
The author’s journey is the hero’s journey
Your story creates a ripple effect around the world
It’s the 5 Why technique that gets to the root cause
What’s your purpose and what is going to light you up?
There is no one size fits all
The most successful authors do not rely on sales to be the best authors
Your book is a pillar rather than a product

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