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‘I firmly believe nothing is ever lost or nothing is ever wasted in life that we go through. And I think by hitting rock bottom, and pulling myself out of it, it has shown me just exactly what I am actually capable of. I think it’s the darker parts of being human, that when we are brave enough, and we have the courage to go there and then move through it and pull ourselves out of it, it actually shows us the capacity we have as a human being. And that’s what I learnt. But I think we also actually need that moment of realisation that we are the ones that have got ourselves locked in that prison, that prison of our mind, but we are the only ones that can get ourselves out of it, and we are the ones that have to become aware of it first too.’ ~ Brionie Jurd

Brionie Jurd is a Coach, certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist, also trained in a number of psychotherapy techniques, mindset work, emotional regulation and somatic release work. Going from being a chronically fatigued, burnt out high-achieving engineer, she now does a lot of 1:1 coaching, as well as running workshops and seminars with her husband to help others live their best life, revolutionise their relationship and step into their individual power.

She has a long history in personal development, spiritual, emotional, mindset and holistic health work that started around 19 years ago with her own journey of healing herself from chronic fatigue and other health issues, getting her fitness and physical health back on track and thriving, improving her mental health significantly and pursuing and stepping into her life purpose of helping others overcome their own challenges and step into being their best version of themselves.

Before launching into her coaching business full time, she spent nearly 19 years in the biomedical corporate space, with experience in engineering product development, education, research, marketing and clinical services in various regional and global leadership roles.

Brionie is passionate about helping others step into their power, grow their confidence and self-belief, find their passions and purpose, and ultimately create and live the life they may only dream is even possible..

Brionie runs her coaching business with her husband, Rob, and she has two boys who have grown up ensconced in, and open to, the work they do.

Her definition of Self Love is starting with accepting ourselves in each and every moment of what we are feeling and what we are experiencing. It is self-compassion, recognising how we are feeling that we can discern what we need as an action of self-love. It is living from our heart as much as possible. It is healing ourselves. Self-love is giving ourselves permission to be all we can be and not live life small.

Her favourite quote is from Henry Ford:

‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.’

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From burnout to living our best life
I got myself better
Nothing is ever lost or wasted
It is the darker parts of being human that shows us the capacity we have as a human being
We are the ones who have got ourselves locked in the prison of our minds.
I have been called to get this message out there
I am a leader and an educator and researcher to help others
As an engineer, I love to problem solve and dive deep
Humans are the most complex thing ever
I see humans as whole and perfect
This is a beautiful complexity of being human
An open mind and curiosity always needs to be at play
I never wanted the label that I had chronic fatigue
Need radical acts of kindness and give myself permission to be myself
Discipline is the why
We are far more capable than what we give ourselves credit for
I help clients to dig deeply into their soul
We all have the answers within us
Anything creative gets us out of our mind
Give compassion to the inner child
It is important that we do not deny or judge any feelings as a child
If an opportunity is presented to us don’t let it slip by
We are the creator of our lives
We can stuff up, we don’t have to be perfect
Give ourselves permission to learn and to take responsibility
We are the creators of our life
What you believe and the story you tell yourself is your truth
Change your thoughts, change your story, change your life

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