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“Sometimes we use the Mother-Guilt as an excuse, but there’s no reason why we can’t have it all. Like, there really isn’t a reason why we can’t have it all. And to be able to do business and what we want to do in our life well, and be able to be beautiful mum’s as well. And I think it’s great to be able to show your kids that you are doing something that is purposeful in life and for them to see that, to see you live a life of passion.”

Rebecca Miller is a coach, mentor, speaker, multiple business owner, retreat host and Mumma of 3 beautiful children Lockie, Toby and Izzy, her driving force behind everything she does.

Rebecca contagious think big attitude accompanied by her down to earth personality has propelled her inspiring journey of leadership since starting out as a solo therapist in her home town of Parkes to building her empire of 3 skin and beauty Clinics in 3 locations (LA BELLA MEDISPA) and a team of over 25 therapist. Rebecca wanted to bring world class treatment modalities and skin care to regional and rural women, to create a space for these women to visit to not just have the best treatment and services but to create a space where they could be nurtured and leave feeling more self love and confident.

Rebecca’s passion has always been developing her teams not just professionally but personally to create a work place for these passionate women to thrive and grow and feel fulfilled.

The winner of countless awards including Australian Clinic of the year, Business leader multiple times, Australian team of the year and just recently humanitarian of the year for her beautiful work in her foundation The Ripple of kindness project.
Rebecca has a passion for growth and learning and has not sat still in her quest to live her life at her highest potential being of service to others and is now a certified life and business coach, NLP, Timeline therapy and Hypnotherapist.

Rebecca now helps salon owners’ step into their leadership powers to create the team the business and life they love with a growth and abundant mindset along with hosting beautiful retreats “becoming limitless” for women to come and spend some time finding themselves again, to heal to push through limitations holding them back and have some time and space to connect with what’s important to them.

Rebecca is only getting started on her quest to help women love themselves for them to see everything they need is inside them to find their joy and happiness and live a life by design not by default and this all starts by self love…. As women we can have it all purposeful work and family and do both really well

Her definition of Self Love is…

I used to think it was a bubble bath and having a facial and yes, they’re acts of self-love. But there is so much more to self-love. It’s truly loving yourself… the good, the bad and the ugly, and having a level of acceptance of every part of you. To really have forgiveness and not looking back in anger. Look to the future with aspirations and live more in the moment. It is knowing we are so worthy of a beautiful life and we can create it with awareness, acceptance, trust self-esteem and self-care. The more I love, I care, I accept and the more awareness that I have that I can be the mum, a better wife business owner and can show up as a better human. Self-love is everything. The more we can love ourselves the more we can love others.

Her favourite quote is:

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

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Life is filled with life-defining moments
My parents taught me about business, entrepreneurship and unconditional love
I had a fire in my belly that I had to chase
Having a baby is special, enlightening, humbling and joyful moment in your life
My passion turned to my team members to offer a pathway to self
I had a big reflection and epiphany that lead me on a journey of self-discovery
The ripple effect of kindness
Everything starts with me
Learnings give us an opportunity to help others
Who are we without the labels?
Self-love is everything
A lot of women do not make time for themselves
Fill your own cup first
Her baby is her reason not her excuse
Whatever you want, do it well
Know that things happen for you not to you
Language is so powerful
We are manifesting our life through the language we use
Be conscious of blaming others
There’s always a silver lining in every situation
It’s so easy to sit in victim mentality
Look at life with a different perspective
Ask good questions
Family are probably the people who trigger us the quickest
Just show more love
Until we give it meaning we may see the victim mentality
Have more awareness
Thought process is so important
Be, have, create
It’s ok to say no, create beautiful boundaries
Live a more conscious life

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