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We hear it all the time – love yourself, look after yourself, be good to yourself, be positive – and we all know we should – but the truth is we find it much easier to dislike ourselves, beat ourselves up, knock ourselves and be negative! Why is that? Seriously what is this strange, degrading fallacy all about? In this week’s Self Love Quicky I am talking about the importance of changing this self-talk and loving yourself up!

If you are not totally happy with where you are at right now then that’s ok, you have a choice to change that but guess what? If you really do want to change, you have to know you must act on it and do something about it. No point complaining about anything anymore, just get onto it and do what needs to be done.

It’s amazing when you see how people transform their lives, we are inspired seeing people pick themselves up, we all love to see before and after photos and we often dream it could be us doing all these things. Well, the time is now… It’s time to say I love me and it’s my turn to make a difference!

There are beautiful anchoring rituals you can do to say you love yourself. Things like eating whole and real foods, using skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals (check out the cards link below), using your essential oils, putting on your diffuser each day, a lavender and peppermint footbath, get outdoors and move your body, barefoot earthing, decluttering cupboards, drawers, wallets and your handbag, saying a beautiful grace before you eat, being more in the moment and being present, journalling and saying things you are truly grateful for.

Here is the link to the gorgeous aromatherapy synergy blends I mention, you can click here.

If you are still struggling on how to change your mindset, then how would you want your young child or teenage son or daughter to love themselves? How would you want to hear your best friend talk about him or herself? Or your mum or dad? What would you like to hear them say about themselves? More importantly, how would you remind them of their goodness, their amazing strength and their beauty if they were running themselves down or not making an effort to care for themselves?

Well, it’s time to turn that amazing advice on yourself and create your own special self-care rituals. And remember you are part of the ripple effect. Every positive thing you say and do has an effect on all of those around you. No more I am not good enough. This is the time to start a new trend, it’s time to say ‘Life is good, I matter, I am worth it and I love me to bits!’

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