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“There’s people coming into Greensmiths at all different stages of their journey and food and look, I really believe that the food that we are eating, we have just totally lost touch with where our food comes from and connecting with our food and buying things pre-made, pre-chopped, pre-packaged, pre-everything… and I really believe that healing and health starts with the food that you nourish yourself with. The way you prepare it, the way you love it, the way you appreciate it, and not just picking it up to eat to get full, it’s about enjoying that whole process.” ~ Jess Holdsworth

Thanks to her amazing upbringing with a very wholistic mother, Jess Holdsworth was blessed to grow up around nourishing food and organic farms, which meant organic, local and natural foods have always just been a part of who she is. Always curious and interested, even when she returned from overseas at 20years of age, after she had side-tracked somewhat, she found herself coming back to her roots. In this amazing podcast you will hear how important this way of being is for our health, wellbeing and our beautiful planet.

Jess Holdsworth’s first venture into the organic food industry was in Kiama where she saw a gap in the market to establish Heart and Sol Organics, a place where locals could buy organic products.

Jess has extensive experience running her own retail businesses and over the last eight years has expanded into organic manufacturing and importing with her own organic food company, Love My Earth.

Together Uwe and Jess are leaders in the organic food industry and are proud to be working closely to bring the Sunshine Coast community the best organic, local and natural products.

The Greensmith refers to the maker, the grower, the creator. The name Greensmith Grocers pays tribute to the roots and fruits of labour from the team to bring a standard of real food to the people.

Jess said being able to bring Greensmith Grocers to life was a lifelong passion coming to fruition.

Her definition of Self Love is:

For me self-love is taking time each day to look after myself. I know what it’s like to not be well or bit be in balance, and I know that is not how I want to live my life. I have always needed to experience the learnings myself. I know what it means to love myself, which is waking up every morning walking the beach, having cup of tea in bed with my wife and dog. It is gifting myself something that brings me joy every day.

Her final message is don’t wait to live the life that your heart truly desires, there is no time but this time. It’s time for us to step into the joy and trueness of our life. Just do it. Don’t be scared. Keep walking, believing and educating yourself and you will never look back.

Her favourite quote is from Marianne Williamson:

‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us most.’

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My mother taught me to ask different questions
I lived and breathed an organic and natural lifestyle
I may have gone off track but always came back to this way of being where the foundations were laid
To grow and expand it is great to be curious and interested
Always come back to your roots
All of my learnings have come from many beautiful people
I am just an expression of all of these things
My role is to bring beautiful people together
You could always find the real deal
I’m a big believer in certified organic
Not everyone can afford organic but there is a way with the imperfect section
Use in season and you’ll find its plentiful
Go to the Organic Farmers Markets for your supplies
Find the joy in food and cooking
My happiest memories have always been in the kitchen
Going from one extreme to the other can be overwhelming
Once you learn this you cannot ignore it
Spices can bring a meal to life
Honour your differences and what feels right for you
Education starts in the younger years
Many haven’t experienced the quietness in life
Reset the food and mind and devices and the to-do’s
Be 100% cared for so you can let go so you can feel and hear what your body is saying
Ask questions, read labels
Self-love is taking time each day to look after myself
Gifting myself something that brings me joy every day
I have to be fully responsible for myself

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