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‘I think one of the key things that I learned along the journey into welcoming joy back in, was that it was a step-by-step process. It wasn’t a giant leap from where I found myself to, you know, the next day being that joyful mama again at all. It was letting myself have lots of grace. Grace for myself, grace for my children, grace for my friendships, grace for my husband and letting it really be a step by step, small mindful move towards welcoming that back in and letting it be a gradual process and not some big change.’ Naomi Jaques

Any mamas out there feeling more overwhelmed than filled with joy?

That’s exactly where Naomi Jaques found herself – as a mama at the time of three kids under 3yrs of age and feeling like she was merely surviving the days rather than thriving and finding joy in motherhood.

One evening as her family were watching old videos of when the kids were little she found herself laughing at just how cute they were, but then tears filled her eyes because she felt so exhausted and at this point in her life she felt like the person she was watching on the family videos felt like someone else. And she remembered back to that season of motherhood that she was also delighted about being a mama and cooking delicious food for her family but she wondered when the burden of motherhood had fallen on her shoulders and got in the way of her enjoying motherhood.

That’s where Mucho Mama was born – it was that night when she realised she wanted to chase down joy and get it back in my life and get her Mucho Mama back!

From taking better care of herself through to having family meetings each week to using rhythms and rituals Naomi has earned the title mucho mama! With an interview filled with tips and tricks on how to be the best mama you can be, you will hear how important it is to be mindfully aware of creating – and mastering – joy in all aspects as much as you can. She has taken these tools and strategies and created her Chasing Joy Masterclass.

Her definition of Self Love is actually two aspects. There is the overflow aspect which Naomi thinks self-love needs to come from a place of nurturing and taking care of yourself. But is also holding a belief that you were created to live a life of joy and not thinking that you should be living this life of overwhelm. If you are accepting the life of overwhelm that you are experiencing, thinking I just have to get through until it stops then that is not self-love. Self-love is saying I was created for a joy-filled life, and I am going to put out to the world that I want to receive that. And then trust that the people and the resources will come to me and that will allow that transformation to take place.

Her favourite quote is from Dolly Parton:

‘If you don’t like the road you’re walking start paving a new one.’

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It is not great to live life without joy
I don’t know anyone who wants more for themselves than Mama’s
Where has that playful joyful mama gone?
I want to chase down joy and welcome it back in again
The burden of overwhelm fell heavily on my shoulders
Joy can be present in the hardest of seasons
It is about accepting and resting in a season
It is ok to adjust and tweak things
Don’t give up
Rhythms and rituals really matter
Get clear on your family values
Allow your kids to realise they were created for a purpose
Model the behaviour you want, your kids will follow
Mummy matters too
Must take care of yourself and serve from a place of overflow
Not at expense of yourself
Model how you nourish and nurture yourself
It is a mindset journey
The obstacle is the way
Embrace trying
Take inspired action
Embrace a new way of looking at each season
If it is placed in your heart trust that it has been placed there for a reason
You were created to live a life of joy
Receive it and believe it
There is a way to navigate anything and live a life of joy
Embrace joy in spite of your circumstance
Don’t lose hope
Walk through life with joy

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