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‘This is the challenge, but this is the practice and the first go-to is creating more space in between everything. Of course, there’s plenty of opportunity to get swept up in all of that, whether it’s happening on the outside of you or in thoughts or emotions on the inside of you, it’s a busy world inside and out. So, to create space for those higher ways of being, and those higher intentions to flourish and thrive from, without the space they just get squeezed out and we revert to our old habits and patterns and busyness and reactions. So, it’s about making space and it can be done in the simplest of ways.’ Erin Lee

Erin Lee qualified as a marine biologist which she loved and speaks very fondly of her time in that underwater world. But it wasn’t long after that her eyes were truly opened by yoga, which made her feel instantly like the sky was brighter. It was her love of nature and the deeper immersing of the ocean environment that formed the foundation of her love for yoga. In Erin’s opinion they have the same laws and connect to something deep within our souls to create more space.

This beautiful podcast dives deep into the power of breath, energy and yoga and what it means to connect within and create more space. We also talk about the sudden loss of Erin’s husband and father of her two girls and how yoga and breath supported her to a new place of understanding.

Erin Lee is the founder of The Mindful Yoga School, a yoga, mindfulness and meditation training centre based on the Sunshine Coast. She leads yoga teacher training and mediation & mindfulness teacher training programs, as well as other programs, classes and events.

You’ll also find her collaborating with many talented musicians on the Sunshine Coast at yoga-sound immersion events and featuring at some of Australia’s most prominent festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, PranaFest and YogaFests.

Erin is also the author of the brand-new book, ‘The Little Book of Big Intentions’ – a divinely illustrated book that invites you to contemplate and embody 27 intentional qualities, for purposeful living. Her inspiration for the book landed after many years of sharing intention embodiment in her mindful yoga classes.

She’s also a mum to two teenage daughters, lives by the beach and finds joy in life’s simple pleasures!

Her definition of Self Love is when we can pair back the doing and rest in that place of simplicity and just being present. Where we can tap into love there. Self-love is like yoga – it is an inner journey first – it is inner housekeeping of the soul. Instead of it being about self-preservation space, but more a return to the love that connects us all. And connecting into the vibration of love. Doing it first in our body and mind and then be in selfless service of others.

Her favourite quote is from Mahatma Ghandi:

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

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Acceptance of presence and kindness matters
It is an energy we are tapping into
Be all that you intend without having to preach
It can be done in the simplest of ways
Tools of the body and breath to support us to create space
Everything is always changing that is impermanence
How will you remember that this too shall pass?
Get curious
Lead by demonstration
Switching energy is the most powerful thing you can do
It’s less words!
Be fascinated and curious in life
We are mechanically breathing yet we need conscious attention
The breath is the gateway for life
It is how it is
Be all that you intend to be
The duality, the light and dark
Have a bigger perspective on life and make a difference
Less is more
Where can you do with less?
Be content with what is already there
Comparison is the biggest thief of joy
Dampen the noise around you
Less is more
Be the change you wish to see

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