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“I think those two words are absolutely perfect, and the other word I would add in there that I embrace is community. When you’re in that environment, you know your community is called upon, there is a real… you know as much as where we were… our closest neighbour was 5km away. It doesn’t seem far, but it is quite far. And then the next neighbour was maybe 5 or 10 kms from that. But you knew you could always call your neighbour and they would be over to help with any of the jobs that were on the farm. The women would come over if we were shearing and there would be 12 shearers in the shearing shed. All the women would get together and make the lunch and make the sweets and make the treats. And all the children from the neighbouring surrounds would come and help in the shearing as well. So, it was a real community that I was brought up with. You know the ability to freely and openly talk to people and ask questions of people because you felt a connection. So absolutely, tenacity and resilience were absolutely there, but I think community for me is one that stands out as well.”

Keeta Gibson started life on the land. She grew up in regional New South Wales with sheep, horses, dogs and chooks. Two values that was installed throughout her childhood was community and a hard work ethic, something she embodies still to this day. She’s also been a project manager, a mortgage broker, a financial planner and loves world economics. You are going to love her insights, knowledge and open-hearted way in which she views money, property and business.

She began renovating property for fun in 2003 when she returned home to Australia after being an expat for several years. Keeta is also an experienced investor, successful entrepreneur and retired triathlete.

Keeta has been in business for more than 15 years. She has started businesses and purchased businesses; she has invested in them, grown them and turned them around. She has witnessed and experienced both successes and failures, and she has learned the most from her failures.

Keeta was twelve years old when she had her first experience with starting a business and enlisting joint venture partners.  Raised in regional Australia on a large farm her entrepreneurial skills were developed.

Through her business, Ocean Buyers Agency, she fulfills her absolute passion of purchasing property and helping people achieve strong outcomes.

Keeta is a dynamic, enthusiastic, vivacious and inspirational personality, and her personal motivation is based on H.O.P.E – ‘Helping Other People Everyday’.

She has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science – Computing, Diploma of Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, has secured her Real Estate Agent License all of which inform Keeta’s professional and qualified approach.

You will also hear Keeta’s thoughts on investing and the key values of a Buyers Agent and what is happening on the Sunshine Coast with property

Her definition of Self Love is about being in alignment with self-care. It is about looking after yourself knowing when it’s time to stop. Take care of you, take the time to have time.

Her favourite quote is; If it’s to be it’s up to me.

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A hard work ethic is everything

We need to reflect on our past and how hard it was done

Have compassion for others

Community is everything

For some the overwhelm gets too much

Resilience, tenacity and community is what matters

I believe people are more fearful today

A farming life creates an element of entrepreneurism

It’s good to reflect on things and then appreciate them

I have a love of understanding and a thirst for knowledge

There are opportunities for everyone

Only risk investing what you are prepared to lose

Have 5 jars to distribute your income

I offer guidance for the buyer

There are always solutions and better solutions

Community is everything

Always check in with oneself

I help people to fulfil their dreams and desires

I know the property market

It’s all about relationships and me going into bat for you

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