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German chamomile is extracted from the dried flower heads. It is an incredible deep blue colour, which is formed from matricin during the steam distiliation process which is caused by a component called chamazulene.

German chamomile has a more distinct medicinal, herbal aroma compared to the sweeter, more floral aroma of Roman chamomile. Whilst both are very soothing and calming oils German chamomile is known for its powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-allergenic qualities.

Potent, yet gentle German chamomile is a highly effective medicinal oil excellent to use safely with lavender and orange on small children. One drop of each in 10mls of a carrier oil like sweet almond, macadamia or jojoba oil would make a calming massage blend, perfect after a bath and to prepare for sleep. You could use these same oils in a diffuser to help create a calm, cleansed and refreshed environment.

For tummy upsets make a massage blend using 2 drops German chamomile, 1 drop lavender and 1 drop peppermint and massage gently into the stomach region in a clockwise direction.

This beautiful oil is beneficial in treating swollen joints, sprains and muscle tears making it an ideal addition to a cup of magnesium salts when bathing.

German chamomile is excellent for people with sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin. Add 2 drops to 2 drops each of lavender and frankincense in a warm compress and place over the effected area. Known for its qualities as a vaso-constrictor it can help reduce the redness of cheeks caused by enlarged blood vessels.

For the treatment of slow healing wounds and skin conditions like ingrown toenails and abscesses you can use German chamomile, patchouli and tea tree as an effective wash.

For a wonderful hair mask and scalp treatment mix 2 drops each of German chamomile, rosemary and geranium into 20mls of jojoba or coconut oil. Massage into the scalp and to the hair ends, comb through. For best results leave on overnight. Remember to apply shampoo onto the oiled head before adding water. Shampoo twice and condition as normal.

A refreshing blend to help heal skin conditions is 2 drops German chamomile, 2 drops lavender, 1 drop rose and 1 drop sandalwood into a 50ml spritzer bottle filled with water. Shake and spritz over the effected area to soothe, calm and heal.

To relieve the symptoms of a headache or migraine mix 2 drops of German chamomile with 2 drops of peppermint into a small bowl of cool water. Use a face washer or muslin cloth dipped into the bowl then squeeze excess water and compress across forehead. Repeat as necessary.

One of the best oils to help calm negative thoughts, agitation, nervous tension and insomnia German chamomile is a must-have in any home aroma first aid kit.

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