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‘We started looking into him when we were looking, like what is beauty in one of our books. What is beauty to us? And his definition of beauty was just gorgeous, to him he said ‘Beauty is a sense of homecoming.’ And that is very much what sums up what real beauty is, understanding like a deeper sense of who you are, of knowing who you are becoming and that depth, his words… I really encourage everyone to look at some of his poetry and what he writes about. But one of the things he does write about is ‘Anam Cara’ which is that soul connection, that soul friend that you can have with many people, but often there’s a few special people in your life that you do just have a soul connection with and Anam Cara is definitely what we thought summed up our relationship.’ Fleur Davis

Training as a beauty therapist in 1988 started Fleur on a fascinating career in the health and beauty industry. She has always had a fascination with the body and how amazing it works. Her father was in St. Johns Ambulance for years and as a little girl she joined the brigades and love all the study on the human body and dealing with emergencies.  She was interested in being a nurse but Beauty Therapy was more appealing as a teenager, and the fact that her older sister was in the industry made it an easy decision.

Having skin and gut issues in her late teens and early twenties lead Fleur to study a multitude of nutritional practices, from macro-biotics, vegetarianism to paleo and that interest in nutrition and health has never stopped. At just 20 years of age she purchased her first business in Newmarket Auckland. A few years later she became a trainer and consultant for the In Essence Aromatherapy brand when it hit NZ shores some 30 years ago, in 1995.

That was when she was introduced to me who Fleur describes as a young, passionate women wanting to make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing through Aromatherapy. We felt an instant connection and quickly realized we had met for a reason. What followed was 17 years of an amazing partnership which gave birth to 5 books, the incredible Twenty8 Skincare and Essential Oil range and hundreds of talks to audiences and amazing women everywhere.

Along this journey Kim and Fleur also became mothers, they moved countries and we were constantly sharing what they were learning with their followers, which is what they loved.

It has been a privilege and an honour to work alongside each other as dear friends.

But then, life threw a curve ball as it often does, and after separating from her husband Fleur found herself drawn back to NZ, to family. It was a time of regrouping, as she went back into teaching at the Beauty and Spa College and to seeing clients which she loved.

Ten years on Fleur is now 6 years into her Real Estate Career, still researching and reading everything about nutrition and health (that will never change) but loving this new phase of life.

It is often said moving house is one of the more stressful events in someone’s life, and now Fleur feels privileged to be helping people and hopefully taking away a lot of that stress for them.

Working alongside her husband is another privilege and there is not a day goes by that she is not grateful for everything she has in her life.

Trust is a word she often repeats in her mind. Trust that everything happens for a reason (even in the middle of confusion and pain), trust everything will work out, and trust you will be guided. That simple word has helped her so much and still does.

In this beautiful interview we talk about our books, our business, our loves and lives, what we have been through and shared, the highs and lows. We share how our books and skincare range Twenty8 came about.

I am incredibly honoured to share the essence of my darling friend, my anam cara.

Her definition of Self Love is as John Donahue so eloquently says. It is a sense of homecoming, of understanding and accepting who you are and who you want to be. It is about loving and accepting yourself right here are right now and loving the person you are becoming. Love is everything.

Her final message is having a sense of just acknowledging and accepting that where you right now is exactly where you are meant to be. Trust it. No matter what you are going through just trust that everything is how it is meant to be, that everything will work out even though at the time you can’t see how that’s going to be.

Her favourite quote is from the book ‘The Things That You Can See When You Slow Down’ by Haemin Sunim – ‘Don’t try to make it perfect, instead make it interesting.’

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I was drawn to the healing side of health

Writing didn’t come easy

We were living and breathing these tools

Getting the work life balance right

It was easy to practice what we preach

Women championing women

Incredible connections are everywhere

Trust is a gut feeling

Go with your gut feeling

When you love people, you inherently want them to be happy

Love and respect for each other’s differences is so important

It can be allowing that person to blossom and be who they are

We have a story in our life how we think life will go and then life has other plans

Anam cara summed up our relationship

It is something very special and something we both share

Everyone is different in what works well for them.

I love the healing power of plants

Skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly and gently, nourished and protected

Whilst it was disappointing it conveyed what we were passionate about doing

Don’t try to make it perfect, instead make it interesting

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