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‘There’s this beautiful concept in Chinese Medicine that is known as your Second Spring. This was something that I was really ‘wow’ like this sounds amazing you get to have everything all about you. So, there’s three phases in Chinese Medicine in a woman’s life and they are what we call; Heavenly Waters which is the beginning of a girl’s period. We then have the Ripening of the Fruit which can be around your fertility and childbirth around that time. And then we have this Second Spring that we all get to enjoy as we move over. They say women in their 30’s are wolves, women in their 40’s are tigers and women in their 50’s are dragons and it’s our life experience that we have that we are more able to express this energy.’ Suzy McCleary

If ever there was a woman who epitomises the desire to grow, expand, learn and educate then Suzy McCleary is it! In this interview we get to talk in depth about Chinese Medicine and the different transitions of a woman’s life. In particular we talk about the Second Spring which is our menopausal years. If you would like to understand this special phase, embrace wrinkles and aging, understand hot flushes and have a great sex life regardless, then this is the interview for you!

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and former registered nurse Suzy McCleary has an unwavering passion to empower women to use natural techniques and technologies so they smoothly navigate the journey from puberty through menopause without risky medications or debilitating hormonal chaos.

As a healthcare practitioner with over 30 years of experience, and as a wife and mother of 2 beautiful young children Suzy understands the myriad of confusing and frustrating hormonal and emotional challenges young girls and women are left alone to face every day.

Over her career she has witnessed the all too common scenario of smart, health-conscious, women experiencing unexplained anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep and erratic mood swings. And when they reach out to their doctors for help, they are given a myriad of prescription medications that either make their symptoms worse or come with dangerous side effects.

Suzy knows there was a much better and easier way to help these women transition, especially through the perimenopause and menopausal years which are often filled with conflicting emotions and a lot of unknowns.

With a passion for ongoing education Suzy McCleary is also a registered GAPs (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner, Functional Nutritionist, Hayo’u gua sha practitioner, certified Melillo Method™ provider as well as completed studies in environmental biology.
With this unique experience and expertise, Suzy shines a beacon of light and hope to thousands of women so they can embrace what is known in Chinese Medicine as “The Second Spring” and enjoy a new vitality for life without drugs or feeling like they are going crazy.
Suzy currently has a private practice in Echuca, Victoria along the mighty Murrray river where she lives with her beautiful family.

Her definition of Self Love is a lot to do with self-care but it doesn’t necessarily mean what I am adding in but more about what I am taking out.

Her favourite quote is: ‘Every day is a chance to get better.’

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