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‘So, first let’s talk about emotional neuropathy. What is neuropathy? It’s ‘I can’t feel something.’ So, we are talking about not being able to feel emotions. And this is kind of strange in the aromatherapy field because as you said it is a very healing field and most people are very tuned into their intuition. However, I am one of those people who had emotional neuropathy. I didn’t feel things. If something happened, I shut it off and I kept going. So, those are the people that kind of seek me out because I have been there. I know exactly how it feels to shut off part of yourself, so much so that you don’t even feel when you break a bone, which by the way if you break a bone and you don’t feel it, your body can’t heal it.’ Melissa Holman

A wonderful conversation about a woman who has found her calling to support many who struggle with emotional neuropathy. Melissa Holman is a Master Transformational Life Coach, author, speaker, and a Registered Aromatherapist. This deep dive conversation shows many potent ways that plants can help us heal and how we can take responsibility for our own happiness and wellbeing.
She is an Air Force Security Forces Veteran, has been married to a decorated combat veteran since 1991, and currently lives on the tropical island of Guam. She was a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom for 19 years before becoming a Chiropractic Assistant in June 2010 and in May 2018 she earned her Aromatherapy Certificate from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. While working with her clients she discovered that she loves digging deep to uncover the root cause of an issue and continued learning to obtain her Coaching Certification in 2020. She has 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren.
She has served in many capacities in Scouting (Scoutmaster, Committee Member, Wood Badge and Powder Horn staff, and more) and homeschooling (director of a HomeSchool Co-op, youth bagpipe band director and teacher of many classes in and out of the home), she is a quilter, has been the bass drummer in two different bagpipe bands in South Texas- competing at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, several times. She was the Course Director for Wood Badge, an advanced leadership course, in spring 2012.

At Lemon Balm Coaching, she uses her Aromatherapy skills with men and women who struggle with emotional neuropathy and helps them achieve their dream lives. She uses a holistic, personalized approach with each client and focuses on implementing lifestyle changes and transforming misaligned beliefs to help bring mind, body, and spirit alignment back into their lives.

Melissa says, ‘I’m a firm believer that every single plant is on this planet for our benefit. And inside of each aromatic plant are these chemicals. Our brain is also made up of chemicals. So, there is this beautiful symbiotic relationship between the plants and the human body. And there are plants that interact with different parts of our bodies and our brains that help to open up, reconnect, create new pathways in our brain.’
One final message from Melissa is to know that curiosity over condemnation wins every single day. Be curious in our own mind.

Her definition of Self Love is likening it to romance, and romance is different for everyone. We have to know ourselves to love ourselves, not out of obligation or frustration but from a place of service to them by serving themselves first.

Her favourite quote is from:

To love others well we must first love ourselves.

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