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‘We are in this perpetual pursuit of something. And so, one of my dear friends is a Buddhist and whilst I was in treatment she said, ‘Cindy you are continually striving, when you do practice non-striving?’ And I’m like, ‘What? What do you mean? What is non-striving? Explain.’ Because I didn’t understand that concept at all and what I realised was I never practiced non-striving. I never, prior to cancer, gifted myself time to just stop and be. I did not understand the concept of being, I knew how to do. I was this high-achieving, independent, go-getting kind of chick that would make anything happen that I set my mind to, but tell me how to BE?’ Cindy Scott

A beautiful interview with the amazing Cindy Scott. Looking forward to 2020 her life felt incredibly perfect, and she was ready for an amazing year ahead. However, a massive and shocking setback with a life-threatening illness set her on a journey of questioning and what was her purpose is? What change could she affect? In the perpetual pursuit of something she came to realise the power in non-striving.

It was January 2020 and Cindy’s life was as perfect as anyone could imagine. She had recently moved to paradise, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and was getting married in March. She was in great shape, her annual vision board was beautifully created and beaming its shiny promises from the wall of her office.

Her business plan was done. She was set to have the best year of her life at work and play.
And then in one single moment, everything changed. She was getting her annual mammogram and ultrasound, when the sonographer said, “Cindy, you have a lump”. She lay there in disbelief. She could not accept his words.

It felt like she had already been through so much in her life … moving overseas, being bullied, losing a job, getting divorced, having her heart broken, grieving the loss of a loved one and raising her son as a single Mum.

In the span of just a few weeks she was confronted with her second diagnosis of breast cancer, undertook two surgeries, cancelled her wedding, shut down her business, commenced chemotherapy and went into self- isolation with COVID-19.

2020 year was NOTHING like the one she had envisioned!

The impact of all This would cause even the strongest among us to falter. This was huge! Any one of these events might have knocked her off track, but the complex and simultaneous experience of these events was the most profound, truly gruelling and yet, greatest gift of her life.

Cindy has learned that having moments of stillness and getting really quiet in oneself is paramount. Learn to get acquainted with self and to like oneself. Love being in your own company. Take care of oneself. Self-care is an amazing practice for self-love. She has written the book, ‘The Healing Journey’ and hopes that these kinds of conversations will help many others.

About Cindy:
Cindy Scott is Canadian born and has spent half of her life living in Australia. She has a son who has been her greatest life achievement. She is very familiar with navigating challenges and managing change; the perfect training ground to empower and enable others.

She is an author, speaker, coach and creator, passionate about women’s empowerment, leadership, resilience, emotional intelligence and well-being.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur utilizing her unique blend of talents and experience to empower women to see their potential, navigate life’s major transitions and take proactive steps to living a vibrant, beautiful, purposeful life.

Cindy is the Founder and CEO of Evolving Women Co, a platform for women who are experiencing change and uncertainty and seeking sanctuary to take pause, to breathe {deeply}, skill-up and flourish.

A former corporate leader, human resources professional, leadership development consultant, facilitator and certified Executive Coach for some of Australia’s foremost leaders and companies and creator of her signature women’s leadership program, Strive; Real Women, Real Power. She holds a degree and post-grad in health science and human resource management and is a certified and seasoned coach.

Her definition of Self Love is self-acceptance and loving and appreciating herself for who I am. It is about self-care and having healthy relationships, managing stress, honouring your body with good food and movement and to nurture oneself. It is honouring and loving oneself. It is having awareness of self, the good, bad and the ugly.

The stats show that one in two people will get cancer by 85years of age. Australia has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the world. One in seven women will get breast cancer, that’s 55 women a day will get breast cancer. Nutrition, movement, mindset, stress management, repressed emotions and even EMF’s and chemicals into and onto the body.

Cindy believes self-care is the greatest medicine, it is the best investment you can make in you. Let go of the guilt. Make self-care part of our regular routine.

Her favourite quote is from herself… Just do you!

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