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‘We all know and no matter how in flow you are, no matter how in tune you are, no matter if you are on purpose, it still requires work and consistency and effort. And that has never changed. That formula has never changed in terms of creating, manifesting, whatever term you want to give it… the life that you want. It’s not enough to just imagine it, we’ve got to put the consistent actions in behind it. But going back to the question I think yes, it’s curiosity, I think yes, it is certainly creativity, I also think there’s a boldness to entrepreneurs.’ Jessica Perez-Beebe

Jessica Perez-Beebe has been an entrepreneur for the past 17 years. She has started 4 businesses from the ground up. Raised by a single teen mother it took her a while to step into entrepreneurship, even though she always had the calling to work for herself. She was the first person in her family to graduate from school, so it was a big deal for her to consider wanting more, but here is a beautiful story of someone who never gave up and was filled with hope, consistency and determination.

Jessica says entrepreneurs are creators and on reflection she can now see how far she has come following that courageous spirit. But it did not come easy. Jessica’s mum was killed in a car accident at 45 years of age when Jessica was just 27. This news understandably made Jessica hyperventilate but also in that moment of shock and pain she heard a voice that said, ‘Jessica you have to live your life now.’ It was the realisation that life can change in an instant. She quit her job and followed her heart a few months later.

Jessica is now the coach’s coach focusing on all things entrepreneurship in the health and fitness industry. She believes in the nature vs nurture story and feels there was always something inside of her that dreamed of something bigger. Even though she was raised poor in public housing, violence and food stamps and below poverty level Jessica appreciates not everyone can get out of that life.

She remembers so clearly as a child that she was not supposed to be living that life. She had ways to remove herself from the situation, which she appreciates is part of survival, but she also knew that she would not allow her circumstances to affect her future. It was only a little spark of belief and desire for something else that energetically helped to attract other things into her space and into seeking different things. She believes her upbringing helped to make her more curious, make different decisions and take more risks.

She believes it is about believing in yourself. The people, the opportunities will appear the more you believe in them. If you have even a little bit of that spark within then you may have the drive, even if you have the darker more negative moments it can be a motivator to have something different. You just have to start where you are.

Jessica says social media can paint a picture that may not be realistic or seem too easy. It is inherent in the word entrepreneur that you are a risk taker, and you are often putting yourself out there on the front line. Entrepreneurs are driven to see something through.

Her secret sauce of success is a combination of things however none of it happens without your consistent action and effort. It may not always be physical. But there has to be a consistency in your thought patterns, especially moments of discomfort. Notice your thought patterns when things are not happening as quickly as you want or when things go wrong? It is your thoughts first, i’s what you think that leads to the emotions that you feel, that then leads to what action or non-action you take.

Your emotions can affect the actions you take. How you manage your emotions will determine what you do so it’s important you take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Typically, people quit when disgruntled or lose faith in themselves when consistency could ultimately get them the results they are after. When life is truly hard Jessica believes it is a choice. You can stay in that feeling. Or if you really don’t like that feeling you can change that thought. It’s that simple.

Remember it is ok to feel your feelings, they are real, they are genuine. And they are often just an automatic response that you may not have taken the time to stop and assess, is this the way I want to feel? Is this feeling going to serve me in the outcome I desire? You can decide if you are going to feel depressed for 10 minutes or 10 days or 10 months it really is a choice. The way Jessica shifts out of that thought so quickly if things are going so bad for herself is focusing on the future and that helps her to decide what her present moment can be.

Asking yourself how you would like to feel is acknowledging yourself and allows you to change the present moment. We always have power over our choices and how we are going to feel in any given moment, she says.

In Jessica’s coaching academy one of her foundational principles is that you cannot go out and coach people in anything you yourself are not doing. You do not have a business if you do not have clients. If you expect people to invest in themselves then you need to invest in yourself. Coaching holds Jessica accountable, and she knows she must walk her talk even though she knows it’s not always easy. She is constantly challenging herself in many ways and that could be to do more self-care or more down time.

There are different levels and stages throughout an entrepreneur’s life, and one must self-reflect regularly whether it is spiritual, physical, emotional, relationships or financial… it has to be a priority. People can smell the fake-ness and hypocrisy. You need a strong why to keep you at your best so you can aim to be your best.

In regards to her sporting success, Jessica never set out to be a pro athlete. When she thinks back to the beginnings, she says it is important for us all to notice when and how you get started. She shares her before and after photos and realises what a mediocre life she was living back then. She wasn’t fulfilling what her desires were.

If you are afraid of what people will think or that you will fail or not good enough, when you are stuck in this you do start to self-destruct. You may not even realise you are doing it until you reflect on it. It was noticing women who were healthier than she was, more fit that she was, that sparked a curiosity that maybe she could look that good at that age. If you are not exposed to other ways of being, then how on earth can you be called to do something different?

If you ever have a little desire, the seeds, the curiosity then know you are being called to action. Start to imagine it, visualise it more, believe in yourself then start to talk more positively and notice the emotions are more positive and therefore the actions will align. It is about doing little things every day and then the motivation will come for even bigger things. She started training at 25 years of age, got on stage at 37 for the first time and became a pro athlete at 43 years of age. She says to feel the energy of what it takes and live into it.

Realise it is doing little things every day that can equate to big results. Ask yourself what is one thing I can do today to make a difference? It could be in your body, your relationship, a business you are starting or writing a book. It all gives you the wins you might not even have imagined for yourself.

Her definition of Self Love is first and foremost taking care of yourself. We all know what it feels like to take care of ourselves whether it is the food, exercise or downtime or speaking up for yourself or not overcommitting. When you start to set boundaries and take care of yourself it is an act of self-love. Secondly it is believing in yourself and that it is possible for you. And thirdly it is about forgiving yourself. You are going to make mistakes or a fool of yourself or get it wrong or have bad days… there are so many layers to life. So, forgive yourself, laugh at yourself and you will get back in the game way quicker.

Her favourite quote is from Lao Tzu:

‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you’re headed.’

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