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There is a lot of attention given to cleaning and decluttering lately, you only have to see Marie Kondo or shows like The Home Edit to get inspired to sort yourself! But is decluttering and sorting all it is said to be?

I love this quote from Kathleen Vohs, a marketing professor at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, that speaks to the uplifting sense that both the elimination of clutter and the bringing in of order can create:

“Clutter is very stressful on people’s psychology, and there have been a number of studies that have looked at what clutter does to people’s minds, and from that we can take the perspective that things that are tightly organized are going to have the opposite effect. If people are perhaps stressed out or somewhat exhausted from their normal everyday lives, looking at a hyper-tidy environment, a hyper-organized environment could give that sense of calm or release because it sort of suggests that all you have to do is follow the rules, and everything will be okay.”

If there’s ever a time to reduce stress and engage in tasks that give a sense of “calm or release,” it’s now. No need to wait or plan maybe this coming weekend tackle a declutter of some sort.

You know these practical reasons why tidying is good for you, but I will remind you…

– You will find it easier to locate things
– You’ll buy fewer double ups or know when things need replacing
– You may find your time management improves
– Some say you sleep better
– Creates more calm
– Tidy home, tidy mind

So are the top 6 suggestions from the cleaning queen herself Marie Kondo.

1. Prioritise tidying and make a commitment to it
2. Visualise your home or workspace exactly as you would like it to be.
3. Keep only items that spark joy. Hold them in your hand and consider the matter. Does the item give you a little thrill of joy? Is so keep it. If not, discard it.
4. Discard with gratitude. Take a moment to thank the item for its place in your life, even if it was a mistake purchase. There is still something to learn, so focus on that.
5. Tidy in the right order. According to Marie Kondo that is: clothes, books, paperwork, miscellaneous and sentimental items.
6. Tidy by category, such as books or clothes not location.

The new Netflix show ‘The Home Edit’ founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin say:

1. Create an “away” system to separate work from personal life.
2. Contain items mindfully and with purpose.
3. Use walls and doors when you’re short on shelf space.
4. Check your sentimental items to see if they’re still sentimental.
5. Whatever you’re organising never ever skip the edit part

The Home Edit team swears by four concrete steps in their organizing process: edit, categorize, contain, and maintain. And there’s a very obvious reason that the “edit” portion is first—it’s what sets the foundation for any space that’s transitioning into a more organized one.

Whether you’re reorganizing an area, single space, or multiple rooms, it’s important to go through each item first to make sure it actually should have a place in your home at all. Otherwise, an item you don’t even care about can take up precious square footage that could otherwise open up a room or be vacant space for more important objects.

Here are some small organization tasks that don’t require any extra products and that will make you feel better, both while you’re doing them and when they’re done:

– Clean out and organise your pantry
– Clean out your spices
– Declutter your wardrobe
– Clear out the Fridge
– Sort your stationary/dumping/junk drawer

Most of all set the time to do it and get it done! And remember…

‘Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.’ Barbara Hempill

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