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‘I had the book ‘The Secret’ and that’s where my journey started, and I had this deep knowing. Once I went within, I just knew that I was being divinely lead. I had to trust and believe in myself, if that makes sense. When things came my way, I just put it out there. I wanted to heal myself, so for me, ok I will learn meditation. I was having conversations with people that I would not normally have, and those conversations were very empowering conversations. I would always have something to take away from it. So, I had to go away and learn those tools and since then, I mean I had to literally do a crash course because remembering I was given 12 months to live.’ Marie Chronopoulous

Marie Chronopoulos remembers watching an interview on Food Matters with myself and James Colquhoun about the power of essential oils. One thing I mention in there is the ritual of speaking softly! It made her laugh given her Greek heritage and the challenges of being anything but loud!

Raised by her father after her parents divorced became a real challenge with the gossiping and bullying. Marie had dyslexia and eventually dropped out of school at 15years of age. But there was this inner vision and belief that she could and would one day become ‘somebody’.

And she did, she became a mother of four and a beautiful career running a recruitment agency in Rockhampton. She was fit, healthy and proud of herself. Everything seemed on track.

However, one day sitting in her office in a team meeting she felt a lump on her collarbone. She made an appointment to see a Doctor and that became the start of a whole new challenging journey. She was diagnosed with a very rare cancer called Myxoid/round cell liposarcoma, or MRCLS, is one of several types of liposarcoma. Liposarcoma is a rare cancer that grows in the cells that store fat in the body. MRCLS usually grows in the arms and legs. These tumours grow slowly, and they can spread to other parts of the body.

This was devastating at the time and Marie found herself questioning everything especially where to from here? A specialist visit a few days later in Brisbane found even more devastating news. There was another primary lump in her leg and test results showed the cancer had invaded her body, it was literally everywhere.

She was told to go home and get her affairs in order. This is 1% of all cancers and within 5 years they don’t usually make it. Her response was strong and angry… she felt how dare you tell me that news. She made it her mission to heal herself.

Whilst she knows we are all going to die she was determined to make it on her terms and her other driver was the fact she had four children. The thought of them losing their mother was too much. She was determined to not let this be the diagnosis. She created a vision in her head that in 6 months time she would walk back in his office and prove him wrong. She had to arm herself with as much knowledge about this cancer and a very powerful healing journey.

Marie never understood the power of visualisation and the power of belief. She was never consciously aware she was using this super power until now. She would imagine what she wanted and really feel what it would feel like and see what it looked like.

She believes everyone has this super power.

When we worry, we are literally visualising that thought. When we get determined we are literally visualising that thought. The book ‘The Secret’ became her bible, her go to, her own cheerleader. What we think manifests and that is where we can actually manifest a new reality.

Marie thought she was fit and healthy and this news made her really go within. She had not practiced meditation back in 2008, people thought it was woohoo! The first step was she had to go within and find out who she was. She had to change her story. Breath work really helped her to become present and help with her high levels of anxiety.

She was forced to listen to herself which was so toxic. She needed to change her language and story. Exercise and nutrition was huge. She not only detoxed her thoughts, she detoxed her body, her friends, her work… everything that was toxic she had to let go of.

She had to get back to basics and strip everything away. The four pillars of health she talks about in her book are:

  1. Diet and nutrition
  2. Inward focus and meditation
  3. Power of belief
  4. Power of love

When I asked Marie how she got the cancer she said she still asks herself this. She honestly believes she probably attracted it unconsciously on some level. And she can now say she is grateful for it. With hand on heart she believes that this is her purpose. She has managed to turn something that was so devastating into something positive. It changed who she was to who she is now.

She realises the things you face they happen for a reason to stretch us, to grow. She now welcomes challenges as she sees them as an opportunity to grow. She no longer has fear around adversity anymore. The inner critic, who she has named Meraki (which means to do everything with love), is something she has become very aware of. When that voice comes up, she now has a chat and tells her everything will be fine! She believes it is important to know we can do anything.

Marie has learned how to embrace problems and see them all as challenges. The old version of Marie would have quit and seen nothing but turmoil. Now she has more tools to help her through the challenges.

She is on this incredible journey of self discovery and self enquiry. Pausing in the moment and being present. Questioning what I need right now? Marie encourages people to continuously learn tools that will serve them.

Dare To Choose chronicles Marie’s story as a cancer survivor, recounting the moments following the devastating news and the incredible life transformation that she underwent to take back control of her body and her fate, turning her disease into an opportunity to become the best version of herself she could possibly be: stronger, healthier, and more open to belief and love than ever before.

In regards to her book Marie had already seen herself writing that book and public speaking about her journey. She put pen to paper and got into this zone that is unexplainable, like a deep meditative state with no boundaries and no fears. She would write in her motel room and could not wait to get home to start writing. It was an extremely healing process.

Her friend Rose was one of the first to read it and started crying when she finished it complimenting her on writing such a moving story. That self-belief, drive, determination and taking action has been such a big part of Marie’s life.

Everything she does in life she has to back herself 100% as no one else will. Ultimately all we have is ourselves and we need to be there for ourselves.

When she was given the clean bill of health five years after the initial diagnosis she felt yes… she knew she would beat this! And she told the surgeon exactly how she wanted to feel and that she did it.

Believe it or not she then sustained another diagnosis with a lump on her pancreas. Medical staff were not sure she would make it. They have literally re-plumbed her insides. It took every resource she had to get through this. She admits there was a moment in that 5 weeks where she was so exhausted fighting for her life that she almost gave up. But again, the faces of her children came into her mind. She flipped that picture of her funeral and tapped into the emotion of what it was like to feel fit, strong and healthy and saw the best version of herself again. This is who she is today. And she has not looked back since.

Marie says be careful with the words you speak as they are so important.

Marie shares the power of visualisation with her book and now her retreats where they can learn these tools. Her first retreat is on 1st July in Hepburn Springs. It is all about self-care and unplugging from your daily life and spoiling yourself. It is about giving yourself permission to take time out. It is about relaxing, restoring and rejuvenating.

Her final message is if you are facing an adversity ask yourself what do you need? Do some self-love practices. Who do you need on your team to get through this? What tools do you need to learn? Reach out if you want someone to talk to. Get people to cheer you on no matter what you are facing.

About Marie:

Dare to choose is also a fulfilment of a personal promise. The promise to give back, reach out and lend a hand through her words to all others who might be travelling down an unexpected fork in the road. Marie’s story is your wake-up call.

After undergoing procedures to remove the tumours that were all over her body. Marie was ready and committed to embrace a better, healthier lifestyle. In this book, she guides you through the process of rethinking what you eat, the stuff you bring into your home and understanding the nutrients that you do (or don’t) feed your body. Marie guides you in relearning how to breathe by incorporating a meditation practice into your life and teaches you about exercises to strengthen core muscles and fight off the pressures of aging and the threat of disease.

The power of beliefs and love were the cornerstones of Marie’s self healing journey from the beginning of her diagnosis, and she wants you to feel moved and encouraged to believe in your own transformation as something totally possible. By giving love and being open to receiving love, you’ll be able to take steps towards your own healing journey, no matter what you are facing.

Her definition of Self Love is so many things it is taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and it is important to acknowledge that you are worth investing in. You need to do whatever it is to take care of you. It is not selfish. You are worth it. You are the best investment that you will ever make, more than houses or the stock market. It will carry you through and give you a very fruitful life for the rest of your life.

Her favourite quote is from: Brene Brown

‘Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.’

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