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‘It made me really good at what I did because part of my natural state of being is I’m very caring and I have a lot of empathy. And so, it made me really good at finance. And then the extra layer of what my definition of success is meant that I really showed up. And I showed up until 11’o’clock at night, 12’o’clock at night, 1am in the morning, 2am in the morning, that wasn’t uncommon for me to work crazy hours like that, and what that meant was of course was my health got eroded over time. And there was a couple of big events that happened like the GFC, that was a really challenging time, and some other big events and with each big event it just kind of jolted me into I guess this state of adrenal fatigue and the beginnings of burnout. And then one day I just couldn’t get out of bed.’ Linda Ireland

Linda Ireland found herself in a conundrum wondering who she was and what she really wanted. She championed the business world until it took its toll and with a financial degree and a number of highly successful businesses behind her the need to stop and heal took priority. She has built and sold many businesses over the years, and since retiring early, she continues to work part-time in her natural haircare company, BodFood.

In this interview we discover what has been Linda’s drivers and how she has created wealth and success. She actually starts all of her workshops now asking participants for their definition of wealth and then their definition of success. She believes these two questions are a brilliant place to start when it comes to honouring our wants and needs.

Linda believes health should be our number one priority. The day doesn’t start unless she has done her own self-care rituals like a walk on the beach, meditation and being present. She is really conscious of being her best self and after confronting her health challenges she has now realised how serious she needed to take on the advice of experts. And that included selling her business to begin her journey of healing.

It wasn’t just physical healing either there were many layers to her overall healing journey. Over four years she discovered it was way deeper than she could have ever imagined. She gradually healed the Hashimoto’s and chronic fatigue and is very aware of the power in listening to the body’s signs.

She has also come to realise how many people are experiencing the same health issues as she did. At the simplest level it is about ignoring the signs and a body in chronic stress is not good. There seems to be this expectation to work really hard and to always show up. This can also lead to overwhelm, depression and anxiety.

Linda talks about the turning points that directed her on a healing path and needing help. She also talks about the power of being a mum and leading by example. She remembers having to choose between being a serious business-woman or a yoga teacher and at the time she felt she had to abandon the yoga world. Then when her health became so compromised in the business world she realised she needed to sell this business and get back to her yoga world.

She believes there is no point worrying about things until or unless they happen. There is no need to bring it into this present moment and ruin what is happening right now.

We discuss why worrying or being busy is seen as a badge of honour. Linda tries to steer away from this now and practices being very present as often as she can.  She suggests asking these two questions when challenged. 1. Is it yours? And 2. Is it serving you?

Linda shares the Conscious Initiatives programs that she offers which is about living from a conscious space in all aspects. Get out of the past or the future and ask yourself what is relevant right now? Goals are important to work out where you are going but being consciously present is even more powerful in her humble opinion.

And when you’re truly present you are connected into that higher self, be it God, soul, Universe… whatever word you would like to use. And then it is like getting into that Jetstream, into flow.

Linda has a set of choices she makes every day that are important in her life and these include.

  • Health
  • Living your true nature and purpose
  • And each day focus on one of these and ask what is the next obvious action you need to take to make it happen
  • The always connect into the part of you that wants you to be the best

It is important to Linda to continuously focus on two things… to create and contribute. And then once you learn it, it seems obvious that you would share it.

There are tips she shares around getting through the grind of life and business:

  • Using the tools of self-care
  • Being fully present
  • Showing up
  • Get present daily to that consciousness
  • Get next clear action to take
  • Seek help from coaches who have been successful in your industry

She talks about her new project BodFood.

Although impressive to read, Linda is quick to point out that her business success was far from smooth sailing. From starting so young, Linda learned the ropes of a very tough industry, made instinctively good decisions and impulsive bad ones. Long hours, burnout, chronic stress, pressure and unforeseen global events severely challenged her mental health, physical health, personal relationships, and love for life.

Linda approaches work projects in the same way that an artist might look at a canvas: life and all of its experiences are a creative process. She attributes this attitude as the key to why she achieved so much success in her career.

Linda has explored many different creative projects, from owning a yoga studio to one of the largest finance brokerages in Australia; selling one of their businesses to a listed company to running a marathon with no prior practice.

Today, Linda dedicates her working life not only to BodFood but also to sharing what she has learned in both business and quantum universes through Conscious Initiative‘s workshops. She pays forward the tools she gained through sharing stories, methods, philosophies and principles with anyone who wants to benefit from them.

Her definition of Self Love is showing up and doing your meditation and yoga. Taking that time to connect with that consciousness and take loving action to live in your true nature and purpose. And to always have deep, deep compassion for oneself.

Her favourite quote is from Pablo Picasso:

‘The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.’

Linda Ireland B.Bus, Dip (FP, FS)

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