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‘I see that in women as well, like that little bit of fear but also that fire in their belly. When I see a woman dead lift 100kgs that had never thought that was possible… it changes them, it does something to them, and then all of a sudden, they start questioning well what else can I do in my life? They start questioning their relationships and their career, their boundaries and their values and everything else.’ Chloe Kingsford

Chloe Kingsford understands what people go through when it comes to mind and body and personal training. She puts herself in the hurt locker, the pain cave every day and knows the challenges we all face when it comes to getting fit and healthy. With a background in psychology she understands what it means to be fearful of change, but she also knows combining that fear with fire can mean extraordinary results… and it can all start in the gym.

In this interview we talk about the benefits of having a personal trainer, a PT. Chloe says it really is another whole level, it doesn’t compare and so many clients surprise themselves by having a cheerleader (a coach) in their corner. Having a program that is specific to you also really helps keep your body in check.

The ideal number of times to be doing strength training is at least three or four times a week. If you do this consistently, build your strength and include things like getting your steps up, eat well, lessen stress and get enough sleep then this will support sustainability and longevity.

Honour what you can do whether it is morning or evening training, the time of week you can train or fitting it in for everyone will certainly support sustainability and longevity.

It takes time to find the right gym and Chloe says it might be a case of gym hopping at the beginning to find out what type of gym suits you best. You just have to start. You only have one life and it is way too short to be unhappy with yourself, puffed, tired or any other symptoms you might be experiencing it is time to say yes to yourself.

Chloe shares life as a mum and business-woman and how not much changed when she fell pregnant with both children. She would listen to her body and honour what she was feeling in her body. Nutrition was a very big part of her pregnancies and then back in the gym within 6 weeks post-partum but it was about reminding herself she had time and to ease back into it, monitoring every step.

Chloe has written a book called ‘Living Awake’ based on hearing the self-talk that women had each day. She started to delve into all aspects of living well and the areas that women struggle with. After each chapter there are reflective questions to help the individual on their own journey. It is broken down into four parts.

Awake – The first part is about becoming more awake, to question more, get curious, look into the why you do what you do, what is in the products you use, how well you eat and drink, reflecting on oneself and question why negative self-talk and beliefs are there. Expand the expectation bubble and surrender to the process.

Expand – The second chapter is looking at how you can expand your world view by looking at the seven life areas including love and money. This is about how to be in the driver’s seat of your life and knowing how to ask for and receive help. Personal development is important and uncovering your unique qualities as well as how to set and create boundaries. Flexible routine is freedom.

Nourish – Chapter three is about nutrition as a form of self-care, movement as a non-negotiable, essential oils, journaling and yoga, the importance of sleep and lastly, she talks about the lunar and menstrual cycles.

Impact – The final chapter is about moving from the internal work you have done and then expand that out into the world. This chapter is about simplifying your life, ditching the chemicals, food waste, meat consumption, what is actually in our food, consumerism, living a life without plastic and then how to live a hopeful path forward.

Chloe believes if you continue doing what lights you up and do the things that make you feel alive this has a ripple effect.

As you let your own light shine you indirectly let others do the same.

We do get into the headspace of challenges and tragedies and how these can impact us all differently. But it still comes back to saying yes to yourself. What can I do today that will make me feel better? It can be as simple as running a bath with essential oils and journaling. Whenever there is challenge come back to the things that light you up. Check in on your micro habits and non-negotiables.

We talk about the children of this generation and how much the past few years have impacted their lives. She believes it is important to just be there for them, don’t sugar coat it, be real and make them know it is ok to experience a wide variety of experiences.

Chloe shares the joy of working with her hubby. Both are driven by the same things and they compliment one another. Chloe says her husband is more logical and Chloe is creative. She says it is important to not assume, to sync calendars, have shared passions and open communication.

Chloe said her life at Uni was amazing, but you do not need a degree to understand the psychology of being human. It is about being in the trenches, doing the work day in day out, having empathy and awareness, constantly checking in with each other and showing up.

Brene Brown says, ‘There is no intimacy without vulnerability.’

Chloe is a co-owner of a Strength based facility located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, StrengthCity where she is a Strength Coach and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. Chloe is an author of the book Living Awake; which is about empowering women with the tools to become more self-aware so they can make informed choices about their health and wellbeing and in-turn, the health and wellbeing of the planet.

Above all, Chloe is a wife and a mum of two gorgeous children Koa and Letti!

After finishing her undergraduate in psychology and masters in public health, she went on a mission to strengthen the connection between mental health and physical health.

Building two gyms from the ground up, Chloe has impacted thousands of lives by inspiring, educating and empowering those (especially mums and dads) to live a healthy, strong and full life.

In particular, Chloe is passionate about facilitating women to find their true, courageous selves by breaking down the barriers they face with nutrition. She has journeyed along side women who have had physical transformations but has witnessed the struggles these women still face – comparison, fear of judgement, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, disconnection and overwhelm and a complete lack of confidence. Not to mention the overwhelm associated with nutrition and the flow on effect this has in their lives.

Chloe is also passionate about living a low-chemical and low-waste life which she infuses into all her teachings.

Working on the premise of nutrition being the most basic form of self-care, as well as her near decade experience in the health and fitness industry, Chloe has facilitated thousands of transformations.

Her definition of Self Love is unconditional love for self and being at home with self. Know your values and know your boundaries.

To honour one-self Chloe feels that means things like:

  • Honouring your micro habits
  • Bathe every night
  • Move your body
  • Feed yourself well to fill the soul and body
  • Use essential oils every day
  • Slow down and breathe
  • Take moments of stillness and quietness
  • Journaling your life or pour your emotions out
  • Hugging your family

When asked what she wants most for her children she wants them to grow up and be so sure of themselves and be so in love with who they are that they can back themselves.

Her favourite quote is:

‘The risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk to blossom.’

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