Show Notes

We can be aware of all the messages about avoiding herbicides, pesticides and foods laden with other chemicals. We know how important the air we breathe can be when it comes to moulds and viruses. But what about what touches your skin?  If you are looking for strong reasons why you should step up and change, or slowly exchange each product you have for better products, here’s 5 reasons why there is a conscious rising in awareness for the benefits of natural and organic:

  1. Better for the environment – you might be told the chemicals included are only small amounts or you might be lead to believe they won’t affect you, but the numbers and accumulation effect of these synthetic chemicals (aluminium, lead, mineral oil, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, fragrance to name a few) can have dire consequences on our environment and eco systems.
  2. Better for your health – the skin can absorb certain ingredients good and bad. Toxic chemicals like the ones mentioned above can have a direct effect on a number of the body’s processes. Many are known to cause different allergies, hormonal disruption, reproductive problems, eczema and even cancer.
  3. Save our furry friends – it might be quite shocking to know that many of the big beauty brands do in fact test their products on animals, some countries won’t accept skincare products unless they have. Some of the testing practices are quite simply malicious and incredibly cruel.
  4. Nutritious ingredients – there are many natural ingredients in skincare that are beneficial to your skin and wellbeing. Ingredients like jojoba and avocado oil, essential oils, shea butter, green clay and can be deeply nourishing, hydrating and nutritious for the skin.
  5. Better choices – there is a lot of research suggesting harmful ingredients are absorbed into the skincare and create havoc on your health. There is also research suggesting these ingredients are completely safe. Is it worth the gamble or potential health risks? When you use natural you are creating better choices.



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