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“When you talk to someone as if they’re an athlete and this is our goals, and this is where we are going, they act like an athlete. They have more self-discipline, the have more motivation because they believe that they are moving forward and going somewhere. There are just so many lessons that I’ve learnt and that are all sort of chronicled in the book that really shows the power of being relentless of going all-in on something despite all the naysayers, despite all the people telling you that it’s absolutely impossible… I just ignored every one of those and just kept going in blind faith. Blind faith is sometimes what we all need.” Lisa Tamati

Lisa Tamati is one hell of an extraordinary woman. Not only an extreme endurance athlete, Lisa is someone who, when challenged, shows nothing but relentless tenacity, strength and courage. She would be one of my biggest ‘girl crushes’ and I am super excited to share her with you this week.

Lisa recently released her book titled ‘Relentless’ which was written because her beloved mum Isobel had suffered a brain aneurysm and a stroke, resulting in massive brain damage, she was like a baby in a woman’s body. The prognosis was dire. ‘Relentless’ is powerful; it is a story of despair, hope, love and incredible insights found in the darkest of moments.

As you listen to Lisa speak and share her thoughts on her mum and around topics of self-love, self-respect and self-belief you will be inspired on the concept of never ever giving up. It’s about beating the odds and doing whatever it takes to go ‘all-in’. And most importantly her lessons on learning the power to love all of herself. With struggles around body image, self-worth and negative self-talk she shares very openly and honestly how she has worked through those inner demons from 15 to now being 51years of age.

Her one message to all women is, ‘We have a set of genes that need to be loved and respected. It’s bull-shit to think otherwise. We need to be a healthy weight for our genetic type. It’s about being healthy. There’s not just one aesthetic ideal, there’s no right or wrong. We are all different shapes and types. We need to accept and optimise that and then love that to bits.’

Most of all she would love you to understand that YOU are an absolute MIRACLE.  Live a life that is absolutely full and to the max. Leave this place better than you found it. Give more than you take. Take chances. Do not be afraid to fail.

Her book is available here please make sure you get a copy – it is seriously life-changing and was one of the inspirations for me to start my Self-Love and Wellness Mentorship Program.

Here’s a little more about the beautiful Lisa Tamati.

Lisa is a Professional Ultra-Endurance athlete with 25 years experience running the toughest endurance events in the world.

With over 140 ultra-marathons to her name, as well as National Titles, a number of podium places in international races, and many expeditions under her belt Lisa is constantly pushing the limits of human endurance. Lisa has also penned two international best-selling running books, and is a sought after motivational speakerrun coach and mindset expert.

But despite many of Lisa’s accomplishments, Lisa has also struggled with self-esteem, body image, weight problems, a lack of talent, depression, fear and anxiety, forcing Lisa to learn how to achieve the unattainable.

Lisa now passionately shares her learnings on how to achieve the extraordinary and how to beat the odds and will help you shortcut the path to transforming your body,  your fitness, your health and your wellbeing.

Lisa also hosts a podcast called “Pushing the Limits” an in-depth interview series teaching on her favourite topics – running, the latest in medical and health science breakthroughs, fitness and nutrition, adventure and pushing the limits of human potential.

She studied Business Studies, Applied Management as well as Counselling and Human Relations before doing a Goldsmith Apprenticeship in Europe and running her own retail outlets in Austria and New Zealand.

Lisa is the owner and founder of a number of company’s in areas such as documentary production, PR management, manufacturing jeweller, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, events management and health and fitness coaching through her online platform Running Hot and Pushing the Limits

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