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“It’s not that negative or things have bought me down haven’t happened, but when I come through the other side then I know that it happened for a reason. Maybe I didn’t get an opportunity cos there’s something else that’s going to come up for me. And I really am trusting in the Universe in that way I suppose, to sound a bit woo woo. But everything always works out for me and that’s even something that I say to myself, ‘Everything always works out for me.’ So even in a hard time or when I think something is not going my way, I know that it will in the bigger picture.” Lucy Harvey

Lucy Harvey grew up in a family of five kids who were all very active and lead a wonderful outdoor and sporting lifestyle. At aged 12 she fainted and fell which resulted in a fractured T8 vertebrae. After seeing many different therapists and specialists, it was seeing a chiropractor that changed her life and saw her become a chiropractor herself, thanks to the wisdom and care she received and a philosophy she fell in love with.

It was following this injury, which led to chronic headaches that she saw all sorts of doctors, physiotherapists and specialists to seek treatment. After months of seemingly going around in circles her parents took her to the local Chiropractor.

Lucy decided to become a Chiropractor after she experienced the benefits of Chiropractic care for herself. Lucy and her family were amazed by the explanation of how the spine, nerves and muscles can be related to other areas of the body, which explained her headaches. After a course of Chiropractic care not only had Lucy’s back pain and headaches improved, she also felt she was functioning better during daily activities. From that day onwards Lucy and her family have been receiving Chiropractic care – now from Lucy herself!

Lucy believes it is the people who prioritise their health, keep getting adjustments are the ones that seem to get through challenges the best. She recommends talking to as many people as possible when challenged and keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what.

The fundamentals for self-care and self-worth are taking time for yourself. Get outside, get a change of scenery, taking care, do things you love, get in the sun. Lucy did not believe the social distancing and isolation was the smartest thing to do. Everything is flipped on what we used to do like getting outdoors. She believes this is going to be a long term issue too.

Following two years of Covid and many lockdowns in Victoria, Lucy is concerned about children’s immune systems. She is also concerned with their development especially in wearing masks and how children are perceiving other humans as they grow. Lucy says the best time to get into chiropractic is birth and the second best time is now. It’s never too late.

We talked about practitioners believing in their clients and their ability to heal pain. Chiropractic is about looking at the whole body knowing that everything is connected, it is often not just one thing.

Lucy Harvey is the co-founder of Total Health Chiropractic. Over the past 3 and a half years, along with her husband Alex, they have opened 14 locations across QLD and Victoria offering Chiropractic care to the community. They have gone from being a team of two, to now having 24 Chiropractors in the team and even more reception staff. Lucy is proud of the way they have managed to grow the team so quickly while sticking to core values and creating an amazing culture at Total Health.

It has not a case of being lucky shares Lucy, it is more an opportunity meeting preparation. And these two are always open and ready. As you will hear in this interview it began with a big move from inner city Melbourne to central Queensland. Alex is the go getter and Lucy is more grounded but together they take action and believes in themselves wholeheartedly. They simply push and try as hard as they can!

Lucy describes the power of chiropractic care and how it protects the spinal-chord and brain. It is about honouring the nervous system. It is about prevention and wellness. If you have pain, stiffness, stress, disease or disruption it is usually a sign that the body needs support.

Lucy loves other modalities like acupuncture, essential oils, exercise, massage and is open to trying many different ones depending on her needs at the time. She recommends you be open and keep looking until you find the ones that suit you best.

One thing you will notice about Lucy is that she is positive, she is trusting in the Universe and believes everything always works out for her. She discusses the ‘vampire effect’ and how to protect yourself from those who always take from you too!

Lucy is also enjoying her most recent role as a mum to the beautiful Henley. 9 months ago, her life changed dramatically and for the better with his arrival. Lucy loves seeing him grow, learn to move and eat, meet new people and take in the world.

Her definition of Self Love is taking the time for yourself. Self-care is self-love. Taking the time and energy for yourself so that you can give more to others.

Her favourite quote is from Hans F Hanson:

‘It takes nothing to join the crowd, it takes everything to stand alone.’

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