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‘I think he had a great heart, and that’s the beautiful thing, he had a great heart in terms of the love of the game, and the love particularly of his children. And I just think he gave so much to the game that you often hear, that he was there long after the others, signing autographs because let’s be real that’s what the kids wanted, they wanted Warnie’s autograph more than anyone else’s, and the King would be there for ages. And that comes through in that documentary, so in summing him up I just think he had a massive heart and he gave back, he gave back to his fans.’ Danny Morrison

Shane Keith Warne was an incredible Australian cricketer. A right-arm leg spinner, he was widely considered one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history. He was known for being as much as a larrikin as he was a cricketing legend, but his death has left a huge hole in the cricketing world. This week we speak to my husband, Danny Morrison, who shares his insights into playing alongside this remarkable genius and what this loss has meant to him.

I ask Danny questions like what was he like when he first came onto the scene? How he was perceived when he bowled ‘that ball of the century’ in the first ball of the Ashes in England? How did his attitude to life on and off the park affect his life?

We talk about him being a pin up boy and an A-Lister and how he was front and centre of many a so-called scandal. Shane loved a beer and a pie yet also enjoyed the finer things in life. Danny shares how charismatic Shane was and how much he made everyone who met him feel at ease.

Danny shares what it was like playing against him and how he was one of the wickets Danny took in his best bowling figures of 7 for 89 in Wellington in 1993. Shane had many endearing qualities but none more so than being seen as a down to earth fair dinkum Aussie character loved by many.

Shane also had an incredibly tough attitude and handled many of the attacks on and off the field answering every critic with more wickets. He was single-focused and made no apology for that. It may have cost him his marriage but his number one joy became his three incredible children.

We talk about freaks in sport like Ian Botham and Tiger Woods and Shane Warne was no different. We talk about his mum and dad, his brother Jason and his love of football and Melbourne.

Shane Warne was a celebrity and was always destined for star quality. His life, his contribution to the sport of cricket made a massive difference. Danny believes his life was almost scripted.

His loss came just 24 hours after the incredible Rodney Marsh passed away so to say the cricketing world is hurting is an understatement.

Danny believes it is very fitting to honour him with a state funeral and naming the Great Southern Stand at the mighty MCG the SK Warne Stand. He had a big heart, he was an extraordinary player, coach and media personality. Danny doesn’t believe a knighthood was needed, after all he wore the crown well. He was the King and that suited him well, end of story.

Danny finishes this interview with a wonderful anecdotal story with the great SK Warne.

I felt so sad interviewing my hubby on the loss of this super star. We both felt tender and emotional at times, but I am so proud to share this with you, my amazing Self Love Podcast listener.

RIP Warnie. You will be missed more than you could ever imagine.

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