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“What’s happening right now is very difficult, but again I find my peace within and also within my beautiful forest, which I’ve got next to my house. I walk in my forest every single day with my dog Shanti and that’s where I feel at peace. So it’s similar actually I was thinking about it the other day, it reminds me when I was younger I was doing the same thing, finding peace in nature. And now I am doing the same thing. I’m trying not to get trapped in the current situation and be angry about it because it is what it is, I don’t like it. But I definitely find peace in nature.” Gosia Kuszewski

Born and raised in Poland Gosia Kuszewski arrived in Australia at 19years of age and decided she loved it so much she was not returning. Growing up in Poland, her family was poor, but she fondly remembers her life was also really simple. Everyone cooked together and from scratch, there were no fast-food outlets or big distractions. And even though it was very grey and very cold and windy, she always felt free and unstoppable especially when she was in nature.

As you can imagine freedom means everything to Gosia and she admits she has always had a hard time with any restrictions or being told what to do. When she decides to do something, she just goes for it. She actually believes she was born this way. She has always questioned and challenged everything. She knew she had an inner strength and was always interested in looking at different perspectives. She loves to research and look at second opinions, she appreciates a different point of view and to always see another side.

No matter how strict Gosia’s parents were, she always wanted the opposite of what they insisted on so on the question of nature vs nurture Gosia firmly believes she was simply born this way!

Straight up we discuss then how today’s world, and all the mandates, rules and restrictions are affecting her. She admits it is very difficult, but it is what it is right now. This is why she loves to be in the forest right next to her home and take her wee dog Shanti for long walks. She says it’s the same as when she was a little girl throwing cherry pips from the top of a tree that she feels so free there, in nature.

Her love of natural therapies began when she had skin problems including acne as a young teen. She was prescribed antibiotics and her skin cleared. However, when she stopped the antibiotics, the acne came back. This created big problems for her gut. She researched all about herbs, digestion, herbs and how the body works in the library as she studied English. She was brought up using natural medicine, so this was not foreign to her.

She attained her degree at the Southern School Of Natural Therapies after 5 years of study. Her mission in life is to continue her destiny and with her love of researching and diving into information she is continuously trying to understand the problems at a deeper level.

She laughs and says her two children were her guinea pigs. She gave them herbs when there were problems, she treated them herself and did things that these days that could even be seen as old fashioned. She never panicked when they were sick. She trusted her innate knowledge and believed that the natural methods were what she needed to apply.

She fought constantly to not vaccinate her children, even though everyone around her were telling her she was crazy. But she stuck to her guns and feels very proud for those decisions today.

This leads us into discussing the topic of today’s dilemma around the Covid-19 vaccine. Gosia explains we all have very magnificent bodies with very good immune system if we take care of it. Our body is designed to fight diseases and the various pathogens and diseases. If we look after the body well, we know it is well-equipped to deal with most things it is faced with. Our immune system is very clever and capable, we have an innate intelligence and we need to trust that more.

She has also seen the other side of vaccines having dealt with many mothers of children that have been injured by them. But she insists everyone needs to make the best decisions for themselves.

She does have a hesitancy regarding the Covid vaccines and also appreciates how divided the world has become because of them. But she is adamant as a health care provider how important it is that she speaks her truth. Gosia has seen enough ill-effects of this vaccine in her clinic to suggest it is not the best thing right now even though doctors are completely denying the adverse affects, she is adamant they are happening. She feels taking this vaccine is basically Russian roulette. It is risky. Better still just know how smart your immune system is.

She is disappointed that main stream media and doctors are not talking about the natural immune boosters and how well-equipped our bodies are at fighting disease and viruses. Things like connecting with nature, taking Vit D, getting into the sun, boosting the body with zinc, Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, which are known to help the covid virus.

She also understands many take the vaccine as they want it all to be over and to get back to how life was. But sadly, no matter how compliant, it does not seem to be how things are playing out right now.

If feeling challenged or worried she advises us to live in the moment and bring more peace in our heart as the most important thing as well as living with gratitude. Gosia has learned to appreciate things right to the core. Gratitude is what she believes can help us all through difficult situations like right now. Instead of seeing all the adversity she is constantly reminded of the things she is so grateful for. She says to always look for something positive, this is key. Gratitude can certainly help you to stay on top of things.

Gosia says the biggest contributors to dis-ease and not being at our best is due to the biggest problems of all and that is stress and anxiety. She uses medical cannabis with great effect to relieve anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, aches and pains, poor digestion, lowered immunity and is incredibly impressed with the results of this remarkable herb.

Her suggestion to reduce stress, anxiety and depression or fears about the future is to connect with nature. It is free to everyone and available to everyone at all times. We do not realise how potent being in nature is for the mind, body and soul.

Nature can make you feel calm and uplifted, it can make you smile she says. It is an amazing, beautiful environment that makes you feel good and feel like nothing is a problem. When feeling stressed or anxious this is the most important place to visit, maybe the beach, a forest, mountain, or use plants in the home if in the city, or watch amazing nature documentaries… and of course using your imagination listening to the sounds of nature. It is free, available, pleasurable and easy!

Back to medical cannabis and CBD oil, Gosia wants us to know it is incredibly potent and beneficial to calm our nerves with amazing properties that the human body responds so well to. It is exceptional for anxiety, cancer, inflammation, skin conditions even digestive issues, as you heal one thing you realise all things are connected. In Gosia’s humble opinion she believes it is the one product in all her 25 years that has had the most incredible impact in so many ways.

You can see why Gosia Kuszewski is a dynamic and in demand Naturopath who simply loves life and people. She is truly committed to her patients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Gosia has since assisted thousands of people to successfully heal from various health problems, including cancer and a variety of serious chronic diseases.

Her speciality is Live Blood Analysis and supporting healing on a cellular level which allows her to understand the underlying cause of health problems. She believes that without finding the underlying issue, we cannot truly heal, because we are only putting on band aid and treating the symptom, rather than the cause.

And she explains how Live Blood Analysis works and how much information she can ascertain with her clients from this approach. It is very visual and gives an instant snapshot into the present moment.

We talk about detoxification and the power of taking care of our amazing liver as well as honouring the lymphatic system. We need to take care of what we put in our mouth. There is no point taking herbs and supplements if we are eating the wrong foods including gluten and dairy, additives, sugar… She recommends live foods, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, small amounts of protein and fasting.

Gosia loves the infrared sauna and cold baths too as well as the power of drinking plenty of water, eating more alkaline foods and specialised herbs for greater health. Health is not just one thing and great health is also about relaxation, breathwork, water, nutrition, laughter, sunlight, feeling good and grounding.

Gosia’s business – Detoxhouse – specializes in detoxification as it’s an absolute priority in healing our bodies, and her special interest is helping people lose weight. She has a highly successful Fat Burning Program which guides people on their weight loss journey, quickly and easily.
Gosia loves nature, surrounding herself with positive inspiring people, spending time with her partner Armando, cooking yummy dishes and walking in a forest or the beach with her dog Shanti. She is a Mum of two grown up girls Maya and Emma who she deeply loves and adores. Above all Gosia loves helping her patients and seeing positive changes in their health.

Her definition of Self Love is taking care of yourself on every level, physical, mental health, spirituality, looking after yourself well. And it is about accepting yourself with all your flaws. Surround yourself with beautiful inspiring people that helps to create a safe and beautiful and loving environment. Expand the self-love to others like your children, partner, clients, family. Share that love all around you and being in service to others.

Her final message is around the quote life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. It is up to us in how we see the world and how we react to the world right here right now.

Her favourite quote is: Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

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