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There’s a simple concept called The Knowledge Pie. You probably already understand that you know what you know and you know that within what you know there is even more to know. And you also probably also appreciate that there is a whole lot that you know you don’t know that maybe there’s parts you’d even like to get to know. This is fantastic to know… but it could also be one of our greatest limiting factors. After all there is a whole lot you don’t know that you don’t even know!

You see there’s another piece of the knowledge pie that many may not give enough consideration to. There is actually three parts to this knowledge pie!
This concept segments one’s personal knowledge into these three key areas; what we know, what we know that we don’t know. But the third and perhaps the most important piece of the pie is when we expand beyond that into a world of curiosity and that is understanding what we don’t know that we don’t even know. You might want to hear that again. How much do you really think you don’t know you don’t even know?

It’s a bit of a mind bender really because if you did know what you didn’t know then that would actually move to the second piece of the pie – what you know you don’t know.

Here’s an example to better explain: I am an aromatherapist and a business owner, I know how to do aromatherapy and provide amazing organic oils for my customer. I also know that I do not know how to do my end of year financial return the way my account does… or for that matter orthopaedic surgery or how to fly a rocket to the moon.

However, there is a whole lot of information about organic farming, or financial literacy or my mindset around these things that could indeed improve all that I do. And if I did it could help to streamline or perhaps even help make my business life less stressful and more successful. You see…
no-one knows what they don’t know.

Many people think this ‘cluelessness’ is a lack of experience thing that affects just young people… but EVERYONE, even experts, are completely unaware of what they don’t know that they don’t know.

Imagine the average pie for any person… yours could be gluten free lemon meringue or chicken and leek – it’s up to you. Now, cut your pie in half and cut one half in half again (creating two quarters). One quarter represents what you know, one quarter represents what you know you don’t know, and the half represents what you don’t even know that you don’t know.

So how can you learn about what you don’t know, even know that you don’t know?

Here’s a few tips on how you might be able grow your knowledge over this coming next year:

1. Enrol in that program you have always thought about doing.
2. Join a new network, for example your local business network or a national one because if you are in business these can be a wonderful way to learn and even grow your own business if you have one.
3. Do some volunteer work.
4. Get a mentor or coach – this could be for your own personal growth or it could be for your business. An Olympian or elite athlete would never entertain the thought of not having a coach, why do we think the same when we want to live a life of excellence without a life or business coach?
5. You could offer or learn to coach or mentor someone else!
6. Collaborate with someone that brings different skills and knowledge to the party.
7. Learn a new skill – it could be breath work, pottery, digital currency, or the ancient art of yoga or tai chi.
8. Visit a new place or town or something local you have not visited… you may not be travelling too much internationally but where you live right now may have many places you have not considered visiting – until now! Immerse yourself in it!
9. Subscribe to a new magazine, publication or podcast.
10. Read books of different subjects.

Growing your knowledge can grow your life, enhance relationships and expand your business. The fact is that for all of us there is much more that we don’t even know we don’t know than what we actually know. Breathe. It’s ok. It is important to know that we will be more successful in life and business if we remain open to new learning, and learning extensions and distinctions on what we already know.

Avoid having an ‘I know’ mentality about the things you do know about. Some people close their minds when hearing about a topic they have knowledge of. They may assume that they know it all. But we can always know more… and if we shut ourselves down to new learning, we could miss an important distinction that could make a big difference.

Just ASK! I love the acronym for ASK – Always Seek Knowledge!

And remember… as your knowledge increases your wonder and curiosity and potentiality deepens. Stay curious to learning there is so much you don’t know you don’t even know!

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