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“Once we take full responsibility and accountability of our lives, the good, the bad, the ugly, the despair, the anguish, the fear, the joy, the wonder, the excitement, the love, the lust, the jealousy, the guilt – all of that – once we acknowledge and accept that it is in us and of us, of our own creating and our own relationships that we’ve chosen in life and our own decisions for the career that we’ve chosen, the place we decide to spend our time, whether it’s a geographical location, whether it’s a religious organisation, or industry that we’ve chosen to be a part of or not be a part of anymore, whether it’s a political alignment that we’ve chosen, whether it’s campaigning against 5G or campaigning against vaccine safety or campaigning again this, that and the other, and animal welfare… we have chosen that path. So if we create anguish from that, or if we’re creating despair in ourselves or frustration in ourselves… we chose that. We chose to battle against the system, or we’ve chosen to run away from the system or we’ve chosen indifference to it.” Pete Evans

Today I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing the amazing Pete Evans.

Pete Evans is an internationally renowned chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, television presenter and documentary producer. He also has a podcast called Evolve with Pete Evans, exploring nutritional and emotional wellbeing. His passion for food and a healthy lifestyle inspires individuals and families around the world.

Now I know some choose to judge and criticise and dislike who they think Pete is. There are some journalists and medical experts, political people and members of the public who will do anything and everything to knock him or make him look a fool or stupid or like he has no idea. I have heard people say ‘Pete should stick to cheffing’.

Whatever you think or don’t think I have had the privilege to know Pete for a number of years now, and I see someone who is just loving being him. In the fullest expression, Pete is being himself in the greatest sense of the word.

I am truly grateful for Pete’s Evolve podcast where I have heard him interview some of the world’s most clever souls. I have heard the highest of highest intellects, the most soul-driven academics and I have listened to him talk to many spiritual leaders and experts in their fields. His work is eye-opening and if you choose to listen in you will there are opportunities to decide for yourself whether the person being interviewed is aligned with your beliefs or not.

In this Self Love Podcast interview, we dive deep into the meaning of self-love. We ask the question if fear, self-sabotage and other negative occurrences can serve us. And his answer is a resounding hell yeah!

We talk plant medicine, psychedelic journies, toad medicine and ceremonial stepping into your fear and the unknown. A wonderful conversation with your higher self or source consciousness is available.

The book Pete mentions is called ‘Happy Money’ by Ken Honda

We talk about the Hero’s Journey which you can watch the animated story here –  or here’s a slightly longer version here.

Pete talks about watching the world with illusionary p0pcorn watching it all unfold and trust that everything is in balance, everything is perfect. The vibration is lifting but for that to happen then potentially some bad shit might need to go down for the next awakening. That might seem strange but he says ‘I do trust and I do what I am personally called to do’.

If we can live by example, keep sharing then at least if we don’t know all the answers we’re doing our best.

He talks about how important it is to have our belief systems challenged. If someone is so hell-bent… as he was when a vegan 30 years ago, and two years later he was suffering and admitted he got it wrong. That’s why it took so long to come out Paleo and he may well change his mind if it no longer serves him.

Pete interviewed a gentleman Robert Edward Grant a well-revered mathematician (the podcast link is here) and when Pete asked him what is our purpose? He said, ‘It is a simple, mathematical, spiritual, musical, vibrationally light consciousness model, all we are all we have to do is get to know ourselves. That’s our purpose.’

Pete spoke of Jason Reynolds (who he interviewed on his show here) who said ‘All disease whether in a child, or adult, or grandparent, any human being, we take on other people’s energies. We take on other people’s fears and insecurities.’

Pete talks about his own journey with nightmares, therapy, spirituality and how he continues to be curious and keep an inquisitive and open mind. To practice self-love and non-judgement.

He talks about how people send him nasty things, and how those who send things like this has nothing to do with him, with any of us if it happens to us, his perception is there are severe insecurities about themselves. He talks about the investment he has made into himself with many modalities, and the key is to stay open to all things. He likes to incorporate different modalities and sees many different therapists to help balance or remove anything negative and to support him through all of life’s emotional, spiritual, mental and physical processes.

His advice is to have a curious mindset, less judgement and more forgiveness. He said be in awe and wonder without judgement if we can, even though that can be tricky sometimes.

His final message on the self-love path is to start and finish on YOURSELF.  And to remember that what I do should have no bearing on anyone else’s life. He said do not forget to get the illusionary popcorn and look at your own life, your own story and be in awe of that too!

I have had the pleasure of being interviewed on Pete’s Evolve Podcast, if you would like to hear it you will find it here.

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