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‘I just always had this fascination with managing my mind. My mind feels like it is this thing that wants to race off in all these directions and I have to try to kind of control it. And understand it, to be able to control it.’

Michael Maidens is just like anyone else and admits he is blundering his way through life doing the best he can. Completing a computer science degree he remained fascinated in human psychology. He walked through life with an experience of gratitude and loved seeing how he could help people to get the most out of their life. An amazing tennis player and mind expert he has learned how much the mind can race off in all directions. The power lies in controlling it and then in understanding it, to do so.

This remarkable soul actually remembers his birth and even leaving his body as he died or felt he died in birth. He thinks this is his realisation of understanding the dimension of time and cannot always explain how things happen and as a consequence likes to take a very inquisitive approach to life.

Michael understands how our experiences can determine who we are. He believes our experiences also grow us as a soul, and we are all part of a much bigger more amazing phenomenal experience with the opportunity to grow and develop each and every day. We can take these lessons beyond the wonder of the stars, we are all fractals, cells within a system whether we go bigger or smaller.

Michael reminds us to remember that what we feel is actually true and real and that it is important to acknowledge that with permission removing their thinking head and into the heart. Our mind wraps logic around the way we understand things but what we feel is actually the truth and the more we act on that feeling the more true life is.

Big resistances occur when we get into a state of fear and anxiety. The lens turns away from our mission and we become very I, I, I. This makes the world feel very small as we internalise too much. The first thing to do is to get outside and just look at the stars. Stare at a tree and get curious as to how it is forming. Sit there in that fascination when stressed. This takes the emphasis away from ourselves as we try and become fascinated with the world around us instead.

When it comes to story and drama sometimes Michael feels a little uncomfortable-ness actually helps us to make progress. Our world is so cushy that sometimes we have to manufacture this uncomfortableness.

Michael shares how he was a very good tennis player and how it became a direct metaphor to his life. He did a lot of his personal growth playing tennis. In this game he says there is nowhere to hide. How you show up as a partner and player is how you can show up in life. The results are based on just you. It can be a lonely place however, a place where there are disappointments, anger and frustration.

What he learned is the longer he held onto his frustration, mistakes and anger the more points it would cost him. The momentum of the match can swing back the other way too the moment you change that state.

He talks about the fine line between arousal and anxiety with two philosophies. He talks about sports psychology and peak performance and optimal state. You need an element of challenge to be engaged. He talks a lot about fear which he believes is the gap around what you believe you can do and what needs to be done.

You are actually more capable than you give yourself credit for and he calls this your attention fear. It is a filter than brings you into a space to perform.

Michael says we must remember we are also unique. There is only one of you. No matter how many ideas or books or roles or saying the same information there is actually only one YOU! If we think in an abundant way there is enough people who will resonate with the way you say it and want from you.

Whatever trauma or experiences you have been through Michael is all about asking how you can show up and help other humans to navigate their way through their challenges and experiences.

When you ever find yourself asking who am I? How can I help? That is just you being human, an empathetic soul. It shows humbleness and beauty and connection. Michael shares a story he told his daughter Ebony in the context of her feeling like she didn’t know the answer to something and not sure to have a go.

It is human nature to be more likely to help the person who always tries, the person who is having a go. This is what Michael sees in business. Just start. Try your hardest to give it your best. Something in motion has energy.

Michael gives an incredible description of ‘The Hero’s Journey’ by Joseph Campbell which is a philosophy with visuals that many of us go through. All characters in a movie follow this journey. There is the hero, the sidekick, a mentor, the temptress… and the challenge is the call to adventure. The adventure is not necessarily a fun journey but it could be about looking at a problem in a different way. When you accept the call you leave the ordinary world. He explains the Dark Knight of the Soul in hitting rock bottom. In his movie he created, The Abundance Code, one of the contributors says it is actually the Dark Knight Of The Ego. It is the ego that is holding onto something. How is the ego holding you in this soul and keeping you somewhat trapped?

We all go on our own Hero’s Journey and we can even have several running at the same time. We slay dragons, take the elixir and in fully surrendering we can find the treasures to come out the other side a bigger, better version of ourselves… ready for the next adventure.

His definition of Self Love is interesting in analysing the separation of self and love. Self-love is to fully own who you are. It is about being YOU and when you do you attract other good souls. There is graciousness in owning who you are. True self-love is frequency and when you tap into that you are floating. It is the graciousness and happiness to also be wrong.

Michael challenges us to ask often ‘what would love do?’ especially through this pandemic. There is a lot more growth to happen in his humble opinion. As humans we are being really forced to look at and not turn a blind eye to the things that have been happening not just in the past few years but for a long time. You cannot not see this now. He believes there is a lot going on and that we are not through it just yet. He has taken the approach to be accepting that things will not go on forever but is also not in a big hurry. The world is very much in flux at the moment. He is happy to keep things simple for now and is ok at reminding us all to be present.

He recommends going through this pandemic and life itself with enquiry. And looking at the beauty of discovery and what it is trying to tell us.

He recommends the best way to protect yourself right now is to see this as life. You can apply this to many things. Action is in two different modes of operation. Either running away or running towards something. When we run away we act in a certain way. If you run towards something you will act differently and the thing you may have been running away from will disappear. Start running efficiently!

Michael recommends embalming yourself in 3 projects a week:

Exercise project
Art project
Knowledge acquisition project

Don’t be in such a hurry to have something short term in much the same way as going down a one way street… do it with care.

People holding onto the past so much thinking things will go back to how they were. But if people can just start to double check your thinking. Wanting things back to how they were is not going to happen. So, we need to allow ourselves to grieve and appreciate the benefits in this. In this process you can surrender with power. Surrender the old story. Let go of the old version of ego and what life was. At some point vulnerability what now is to be true?

Fear makes people do strange things. How you show up as a human is the one thing you can control. How you BE human. Own yourself (self-love) is standing in your strength. Use deep thought and not careless narrative to be that. Even through this pandemic there are some incredible humans finding each other and there is the opportunity to build new.

In Michael’s work he helps people to create an irresistible offer, how you see life and what got you to here. He gets you to look at who are the people you have helped in the past? What do people ask you at the friendly BBQ and what is it you LOVE to do? He teaches people how to wrap this up and LOVE their offer and their positioning. He shows people how to focus on giving customers an amazing experience.

His favourite quote is: ‘Everyone is always doing the best they can with what they’ve got.’

If you would like to know more about what Michael here is a little more about him.

Over the past 10 years Michael has built a business and lifestyle around helping knowledge based businesses reach and impact millions of people online.
He has helped many businesses in the health and personal development industries launch digital products, physical products and innovated the way in which documentaries are launched online.
More recently he has created a flagship product and coaching group called the Offer Academy which enables others to see their magic in a new light and empowers them to fall in love with their offer so others will too.
However, the majority of his week is spent checking the wind, tides and swell and planning the next kitesurf, surf, foil surf, Crossfit session or beach adventure.
His priority is on living and enjoying the ride with amazing and like minded people.
Michael was a former software developer, former full time tennis player and certified level 2 tennis coach. Every year he spends a week in heaven (on the map it says Fiji) and basically his whole life revolves around the rhythm of the ocean.
In addition Michael is a husband to gorgeous Ellysia and a father to three amazing babes. of 3 amazing kids!
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The Abundance Code Movie: Go to Gaia

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