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‘That was a hell of whirlwind of coming back to that concept of trust and trying to make sense of things when you are right at the coal face and exhausted and sleep deprived and carrying the emotions of everyone around you who love you and care about you. So that was a real process of trust just trusting that this was what was meant to happen for us, and for Sage, but also leaning in on practicing exactly what we preach.’

Tim Leeming is a new father, husband, brother, son, good mate, nutritionist and chiropractor.  Tim lives by a mantra that although we cannot all live in nature, we can live more naturally.  He loves working with people, helping them to align their habits and lifestyles with the laws of nature, to detoxify and simplify life, health and wellbeing.  Most importantly, Tim strives to lead by example with his teachings, his own way of living, and lately has learned how to believe in the process of trust.

TJ Leeming grew up in the south of the South Island of NZ in Invercargill. With a huge involvement in an outdoor life and participating in all sports he spent a lot of time eventually involved in Rowing. It began to take up most of his time alongside rugby union and throughout these competitive years TJ developed a love of the human body and how it worked at its best for optimum performance.

He got into doing an exercise science degree and happened to be at a careers conference where he heard Dr Phil McMaster speaking on chiroproactic which TJ explains means Chiros – a Greek latin word for hand and Practic – to do. He was so encapsulated he left Otago University to study Chiropractic in Auckland. One year later he decided to have some time out and then returned to finish his exercise science degree.

His best mate Callum was traveling to Perth and invited him to come for the Summer. On a whim he moved and started getting adjusted by him. He saw how passionate and happy and sought after he was. It was a sign to go back to chiropractic and complete this degree. After a fun gap year where he travelled through Europe, he eventually returned to NZ to pick up and complete his chiro studies. He had 3 more years to go of that and it was during this time he properly connected with Casie O’Meara who was also completing her chiropractor degree.

Once they completed their degrees Casie and TJ moved to Adelaide working together and eventually as was always planned they moved back to the Sunshine Coast to settle.

TJ opens up about how much personal growth he has done over the past ten years. He has followed the Vedic philosophy and realises that all transformations may not occur in each lifetime. The path to enlightenment is when your soul keeps coming back until it figures it all out, embodying each journey.

A strength of TJ is asking for help or latching onto people smarter and wiser than he is always wanting to learn. He feels incredibly blessed to have met some extraordinary souls and to be a part of the O’Meara clan. He believes some of it is luck and explains his thoughts around nature vs nurture and the neurological imprinting in the first 3, 5 and 7 years.

TJ also considers the essence of growing up in NZ and Australia and the energy of a culture from both countries.

The concept of trust to TJ is having a bigger concept of what you think is God, Source, Universe, Divine… and a trust in the greater intelligence makes it so much easier to let go and surrender control. As a young man marrying, starting a family and beginning a new business he has had to trust that concept and believe in the greater good.

We then have a huge conversation about TJ’s beautiful daughter and her dramatic birth in May 2021. TJ shares very openly Sage Grace’s journey and how his own personal growth was catalysed and accelerated thanks to her birth.

Casie and TJ had planned a homebirth. And this little poppet arrived very quickly only to discover when she was born she was flaccid and had no tone… they administered CPR, had the ambulance arrive and were hospitalised. They were told she had brain damage and needed to transfer to Brisbane to be ‘put on ice’ laid on colling mats to 32.2 degrees to slow any damage to her brain. It was a hell of a whirlwind and really tested TJ’s belief in TRUST.

Leaning in on the power of chiropractic care, love, affirmation, sound, essential oils, aromatherapy, divine intervention and in particular Dr Simon Floreani who is an incredible man spending a lot of time on the phone guiding and supporting this precious family. One suggestion he had was to get his hands on some pure Damask Rose Oil as it is a potent nervous system stimulant. And it just so happened that I was in Brisbane with some pure Rose Oil on me! This beautiful couple videoed wee Sage’s reaction to the oil placed on the base of her neck. It is quite simply a miracle.

It was at 16 days Casie and TJ drew a line in the sand and insisted they were to take her home. Apart from breastfeeding this little poppet was doing everything she was meant to going from strength to strength. This incredible couple continued with an arduous, tumultuous, and exhausting journey to lead this little baby to be able to breastfeed. They used light therapy, chiropractic care, sound healing, affirmations, oils… everything.

TJ talks about the male approach of wanting to DO, to fix the problem and it was so hard for him to literally do nothing but BE there for them both. It was a huge steep learning curve. It was at week 13 Sage gave Casie the best birthday gift of all when she latched on and started breastfeeding. And today this incredible little girl is strong and healthy and thriving.

We talk a lot about the vitalistic approach to healthcare as opposed to the mechanistic approach and how both philosophies sit in the world in particular for acute medicine there is no better place to be but in Western medical care. Beyond an emergency there are far better places to be. In fact, statistically it might be dangerous to stay in that model of care beyond an emergency.

The strength for them both came from leaning in on their mentors and support and an overriding method of trust. Ones’ to bend the rules they were constantly asking questions to understand the logic of the hospital care. TJ questions what particular model’s are right or wrong. They navigated Sage’s care with logic and feeling into it and TJ honours the support of Simon, Dr Mark Postles, Dr Sarah Farrant and family.

TJ believes love is completely foundational. You cannot truly heal without a foundation of love. TJ believes Sage chose them as parents and have always loved the name Sage. As a lover of words and finding meaning in words TJ explains that the name ‘Sage’ is all knowing, all wise, omnipotent, healing and cleansing. And how amazing it is that she has fulfilled her namesake.

TJ believes the definition of self-love is largely around acceptance. Especially as a male to accept love, compliments, praise, thanks, challenge and accept love into your life from others and then also being able to accept the responsibility and accountability that comes with the work required to unpack the subconscious imprinting in the first 7 years. To elevate through those levels of consciousness and to have a higher human experience you have to have a willingness to unpack yourself and your world view. It is accepting the responsibility of that as well as accepting love from others. And then we can begin to love ourselves which is just a journey home.

We talk about guiding TJ’s generation through these uncertain times and his advice would be to start at home and with self. Self-love, self-acceptance is showing up in the best possible way as it has to come from the ground up. It’s like that line. ‘It’s just one straw… said 7 billion people!’ It can ripple out if just 7 billion people could make that shift.

If there is an opposing force to love and we call it fear TJ advises that we take a step back. He says if in doubt, zoom out. Challenge or a negative comment is not necessarily an invitation to engage. Observe more. Listen more. Perhaps not engaging in every little thing, could mean that things might look a little different.

How to mitigate and overcome fear there are plenty of little tools we can use. Maybe not using technology for the first hour of your day. Starting the day with gratitude. You cannot live in fear with an attitude of gratitude. Get detailed on it. Do breathwork to help clear the noise, it strips us back to our essence and you see fear dissipate. Meditation helps too. TJ recommends going through your contacts list and pick one person a day to randomly complement someone or let them know you love them. Tell them something you love about them, just connect with them for no other reason but to share love.

Your default mode is to be fully healthy, vibrant and well. If you are anything but this, you have simply drifted from your default. Do things you are most likely to keep doing. Compliance is a massive element. If you are more likely to keep doing it, it will work! Start small, do achievable things. And sometimes you need help and assistance to do that which is completely ok too.

There is an unhealthy extreme of compliance and discipline but there is a need especially in the world we live in with distraction, instant gratification and desire. But it is easier than people think.

TJ has a beautiful message to the people he appreciates and loves… He says he is not done with any of them yet. He wants to continue to learn, to make mistakes and fail and will be that frustration in their life. He also promises to give a valuable return and exchange! The list is hugely long.

TJ’s 2022 message to you is to step back, breathe, observe, lean into challenges but not without observing first. Trust that you have got this far and things will be ok. It is a time for resolutions or the fact the date changes doesn’t mean to be hard on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day or better still this afternoon is a new afternoon. Not too big expectations so you are likely to stick to. Move forward slowly with intention.

His favourite quotes are:

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “Kind” said the boy.

Charlie Mackesy

“What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever said?” asked the boy. “Help”, said the horse.

Charlie Mackesy

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

TS Eliot

‘We’re all just walking each other home.’

Ram Dass

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