Show Notes

“There is nothing like going into deep-dive conversations with people you know well, and even more so people you don’t know well. There’s a vulnerability in sharing. There’s an absolute beauty in honouring each other’s vulnerabilities and listening to each of us tell our stories just reminded me so much of the importance of self-love and self-care and what it means to truly share yourself.”

I had the absolute pleasure of going to Uluru last week and marrying a very special couple. There was the photographer and videographer and me. Just the 5 of us. I had never been so was so looking forward to experiencing the spirit and magic of Uluru for myself.

And my goodness, it did not disappoint. The fact that Covid has happened meant we had hardly anyone there. We arrived and it was freezing, it rained and we got to experience full water holes and lightly flowing waterfalls down her face. Apparently, it had not rained like this since March.

As the week went on it got warmer and as we carried out beautiful spiritual rituals in the lead up to the ceremony we all got closer and more connected to Uluru. In fact, our word for the week was CONNECTION. Connection to Uluru, to a greater spirit, to Mother Earth and Father Sky, to each other and to ourselves.

I’m not sure any of us are returning the same people.

It made me appreciate the NZ culture and how precious the Maori and Pacific Island culture is. It made me connect more with the incredible Aboriginal culture and yet I still feel so naive to it all. I feel like I know nothing. That I’m just a baby on this spiritual path.

The spirits of the ancestral beings continue to reside in these sacred places making the land not only a deeply important part of Aboriginal cultural identity, but also to our Australian roots and the freedom to live in this country. It was an honour to acknowledge the Pitjantjatjara (pitjan-jah-jarra) and Yankunytjatjara (yan-kun-ja-jarra) people, the Traditional Custodians of this amazing place and know that they have walked this earth for over 60,000 years. It’s extraordinary really.

Marcus, the photographer, and I had an incredible last day together. The bride and groom were at Longitude. And after dropping off David the videographer to the airport we decided to follow the eagle we spotted in the sky. She was magnificent. So strong, graceful, beautiful and powerful. She lead us back to Uluru of course.

You will hear me explain our few encounters with her and how at one point standing at one end of Uluru looking at the scriptures and the ‘brain’ part of the rock, she appeared out of the trees and circled above us. We stood in pure presence of joy. It was like a reminder that the beauty, wonder, magic and awe we see and feel can be expected from now on and not a coincidence or a one-off.

I think that was my biggest take home. Along with connection and beautiful intention, I feel most definitely aligned with the idea that I can, and certainly do, deserve to expect miracles in my life.

This week was one of them.

Thankyou Uluru, thankyou to the traditional owners of this land, thankyou to New Zealand and all you have gifted me. I am proud and honoured to be a citizen of both countries.

Poem by Eva Johnson

Isolated rock,
that stands in silence
caress the earth,
while waters of tears
carry ancient stories
down your jagged crevasses,
to crystal pools
where women sing, wash, dance,
in ritual, protect
the secrets of your dreaming.
Hear their voices, their wails,
that echo against your ochred walls
whilst you stand dormant
only to be awakened
by voices of your keepers.

The Netflix documentary I mention is called ‘The Octopus Teacher’ it’s my new favourite.


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