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‘There will be a level of self-doubt that’s created in all human beings, that’s the mind. And I think along the journey, the Universe gives us opportunities to wake up and opportunities to return to centre and to really realise what’s within us. And if you’re truly to sit in peace, in silence, and think about what you could do, or who you could be, if you didn’t let all of the shit stop you. If you just let go of all the stories, let go of the opinions of others, if you just did what you truly wanted to do and went after it, you could do it.’ Jordan Potts

Jordan Potts is a remarkable soul who has been through a hell of a lot in his 28 years. High on drugs and waking up in hospital after falling ten metres out of a tree he realised that was the turning point, a second chance. It was the wake-up call of his life and an opportunity to come clean, find himself and return to centre.

In a world full of technology that is advancing in progression like never before, one of Jordan Pott’s greatest values is actually Nature and Connection. And he loves nothing more than connecting with people in person! He believes it is so important to stay as connected as much as possible and took advantage by being in person for our interview today.

He started life as a happy go lucky kid… an ENFP, a super hero! Up until 11 years of age his family felt like it was the perfect picture. Then there was that one night when his dad told him he was leaving and their parents were splitting up. He had no idea how to process the anger, guilt, frustration and shame, but these feelings had a massive impact on his life and how he chose to do things moving forward.

He went into the sport of Rugby League to quite literally break people, only the problem was he was the one that ended up being more broken. He continued to doubt his ability and self. And got to a very lost point where he did not enjoy life at all. At 16 years of age, he was overweight, lost, full of anger and shame.

He found he was drawn to some older friends which lead him to doing many different drugs and drinking all the time. Taking drugs helped him to believe he was a super-hero again full of life, partying and doing all sorts of things that lead him into a dangerous place including 3 or 4 day benders. He got to a point where he was very distracted from himself.

Jordan became dependent using drugs on the weekends to access what he believed was happiness. However, he also realised this was only temporary. He was heavily addicted to drugs and got to a point where he became a burden to many and in very toxic relationships. It skyrocketed out of control.

He woke one day to the beeps of a machine in hospital after climbing 10 metres up a tree high on drugs at a Splendour Festival. He fell badly injuring his back and having an epileptic fit. His dad was right there beside his bed as he woke.

He realised he was in trouble, that he had to rebuild his life and rediscover himself where he could simply love life again without the drugs and toxic relationships. He moved to Melbourne with the intention to do nothing but learn about the body and do it completely sober, no partying, no girls… just reading, learning and listening to podcasts for six months.

He explains how this amazing woman walked into the gym one day but did not want to be that ‘creepy trainer’ stalking on the gorgeous women in the gym. But he knew if he did not ask this woman out, he could miss the most amazing opportunity of his life to connect.

One thing led to another, and that move was his opportunity to form an amazing life-long connection with Nicola that has manifested into an incredible relationship and their first baby Indigo being born just a few months ago.

Jordan believes every single human being is born with a spark beyond the labels, beliefs and conditionings… somewhere along the way it may dim due to the experiences of life, but he says there is that potential in everyone.

As a parent he knows he cannot protect his son from scary experiences and he is well aware that self-doubt will be part of his human experience. We need not be afraid as the Universe gives us opportunities to wake up and opportunities to return to centre.

Around the right people and the right environment, you do not need a near death experience or a massive Universal call. You can truly nurture your potential and wake up to it with love.

You should put yourself first and your environment should be second largest dictator of your potential. Put yourself in environments that will really nurture and harness what is within you.

Our greatest experiences and ability to wake up is within us all and Jordan explains how he feels now as a dad wanting to protect his son and any future children he has. He says this allows each of us the ability to surrender to the ultimate life experience. What is important is creating the most safest environment he can. It is all about perspective too. As soon as we change the way we look at things the way we see things change. It’s about encouraging and embodying for himself the experiences of life. He accepts pain is inevitable. So long as he can teach his son to love himself that’s what truly matters.

Jordan says he wants to embody his beliefs. A smart person doesn’t tell you they are smart. A tough person doesn’t tell you they’re tough. A rich person doesn’t tell you they’re rich. There is no reason to tell. Just embody it.

Jordan wants to embody the things he hopes his son will experience. He also appreciates his experience of fatherhood is about allowing his own emotional experiences to unfold naturally too.

If his son is in a safe container to express his emotions and thoughts, then that would be Jordan’s greatest wish.

There is so much self-love lacking in many in this world. Confidence is an incredible skill and ability for the human experience. Confidence and Cockiness – is a very fine line but a distinct line. Confidence is when you love and believe in yourself but not at the expense of others. Cockiness is being better than because… it is about pulling others down to feel better. It is a survival state.

His definition of Self Love is almost a reminder to come back to yourself and to accept everything you have been blessed with. Your flaws your triggers your insecurities, everything that is wrong with you that makes you human as soon as you accept that, you become more full of love. We live in a society to give our love to everyone else and to help others, that’s not a lack, but it changes when you give that back to yourself. What I am not and accepting who I am. And when you release those shackles, you will find you can love others more.

When you are judging others that is an insecurity within self. Or they may be doing something outside of your values. Or you may just not vibe their vibe. Loving people you don’t think you can love is where the growth lies.

Knowing when to express parts of yourself can be key to minding yourself. Finding your true self is unpacking and expressing yourself in a safe space. Surrounding yourself with amazing people, mentors and the right culture of people who help you to see things differently. Seeing life with a different lens allows you to see a different world.

We talk a lot around the power of understanding your values and the importance of being clear on them which allows you to step into the right environment and embodying them. If you are struggling, you need to give yourself time and safe space to find your way through.

Set amazing goals, visualise what you want and then seek after people who have embodied it and go after their values beliefs and actions.

Jordan explains how they set up his amazing gym Exalto and the important values and ethos he has created to attract the right people. He wanted the gym to be a fertile place, a place for self-love and an integration of mind, body and lifestyle. If the fitness industry is all about health Jordan questions why they do not approach a more holistic approach and build all areas of a good life into the whole program.

Jordan believes it is important to look at moving towards more of what you want rather than running away from what you don’t want. Get into a place of peace and presence and then ask what you truly value.

There are so many beautiful questions in this podcast and the way Jordan answers them will give you huge and incredible insight. His experiences and level of maturity will blow you away.

He shares when he slips off the path, how important it is important to let go of what should be, but notice what is actually happening in a space of awareness. Notice how you feel, what is happening, and why? Addressing how you are behaving from a place of how you are feeling rather than judgement can be so much more helpful.

Jordan shares even being healthy can be an addiction, and noticing the expectations we place on ourselves when we have healthy rituals can be a limitation. If it ever causes a negative result through resentment, then that may need your attention and awareness.

His advice to our listener is if you are worried about someone you care about just share openly. For men to see other men come from a place of drugs, alcohol, sex, abuse, fights and all that shit, that is so fear and survival driven to then step into a place of being calm, loving and strong… powerful not forceful. It is not about telling men what they need to do, it is just giving people permission to access more love.

Love is not a common topic in an intimate way for many men, often it can be seen as queer or gay in a negative way. But it is encompassing all that can be, to let the guard down and be the beautiful example of strength, power, presence, protection and nurturing. Get back to being grateful men, men of service and enjoying their own internal world.

A beautiful podcast with a remarkable human.

His favourite quote is from: Dr Darren Manser

Love everyone and everything, including yourself!

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