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“Our generation of women have been served up layer upon layer of diet culture, damaging diet culture information. Well-meaning relatives and friends making comments about their looks for years and years. Trashy magazines always talking about you know… picking apart a woman’s cellulite, which is a perfectly natural thing, through to the ridiculous, ‘Lose 10kgs by Saturday’ headlines. So many of us, myself included had to pick apart. Where has that all come from? Why is that what we think about ourselves? And it is layer upon layer of BS, because that’s not health, that’s not self-love.”  Nikki Parkinson

If you choose work that brings you joy and your overall reason for doing it continues to bring you joy, then it is definitely worth getting up each day! In this podcast Nikki Parkinson explains how she left the safety of a career in journalism at the age of 41 to successfully branch out into unknown territory for a world in fashion and blogging. The key to her success was community and connection and allowing women to peel back the layers of BS to be themselves no matter what their age, shape or size.

Nikki says she loves to chat and loves communication and what she saw in 2008 that Facebook was just starting a business page. She knew she wanted to continue to write and communicate with her audience which is where her blog sat and the social media was the amplification of this connection and sharing. She saw the possibility of creating a community via Twitter and Facebook and it was outstanding in that time to take a chance and connect even more.

She has cultivated a community of like-minded women and it fills her cup connecting other business-women together. She believes the sharing between business women can be so rewarding and it always comes back to you.

Those who do not share may have a fear and scarcity mindset. If you help someone Nikki believes it comes back tenfold.

Every aspect of Nikki’s business is because of her community. Not everyone is going to like me, but I have only ever been myself. So if I am not your cup of tea or glass of champagne there are plenty of other places where you will belong.

I love to celebrate who we are as an individual through the power of clothes. It is definitely for people who want to play and how they present themselves to the world and how to honour that message. Every woman is real. At any age, stage, size, background, believe there is power in how you choose to dress.

Nikki explains the launch of her first season label and how it coincided with her peri-menopausal years. There was a lot of anxiety and disruptions from Covid for the past two years… she believes you have to come back to your why.

We get to hear the feedback from one of her regulars who says… ‘Midlife has thrown me a changed body that I want to embrace and not hide away. Thankyou for creating a brand that allows me to be me.’

Nikki wants women to feel great. Women do not have to feel invisible in their 50’s and beyond. Clothes are such a tool to feel visible.

The backbone of the collection is the core non-boring pieces, designed to make life easy. Then there are the show pony pieces including sequins.

Self-love to Nikki is nurturing the person I am today. What can I do to make me feel whole and nurtured. I say today because tomorrow I might need something different. Nikki is aware of what she needs now and honours the fact she is in menopause and is more aware of what is going on.

Nikki said she went from HIIT exercise and running and switching to walking and yoga as her body rebelled. For someone else it’s different again. It is self-awareness of what your body needs in that moment. Sleep, good food, less champagne, the way you exercise… and being aware of what you need right here today.

Nikki shares how her beautiful children have ridden the path with her. She has a 26 year old son, a 25 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. They are their own people, and I am just the facilitator of their lives. It is their journey and how they step up to life says Nikki.

We talk about how Nikki lost her mum and the journey of how she has coped with all her huge losses. It was the tipping point of last year that opened the pathways to do the inner work. She sees her psychologist for maintenance… you don’t just go in a crisis or when the fires are burning. You go to do the back burning.

Health tips that Nikki uses to keep healthy. She says be a life-long learner. She says do not hold onto the notion that you cannot reach out. Have people in your corner for any aspect of health. Nikki herself has health conditions she has learned to live with and they have helped her to become more aware of what she needs when depleted. Here’s her top 3 tips for good health.

  1. Move your body to practice body acceptance
  2. Sleep to get good sleep!
  3. Nutrition with whole foods, not processed, good food that tastes good

We talk about Nikki’s love of essential oils including her favourite Twenty8 Romance & Intimacy Oil blend. They are her anchors and we discuss the concept of aromatic dressing.

Through Covid Nikki talks about the way her business grew and how they then regrouped. It is so important to her to simplify and aim to be able to control the controllables. Not every business has to be massive she reminds us too. She explains how she manages her work and how she does her setting of intentions on a Sunday.

Nikki shares how well she has worked in collaboration with other amazing brands and in particular with Frankie4Footwear and the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network on the Sunshine Coast. Plus Business Chicks. Nikki talks about how she names her pieces in the collections.

About Nikki:

Nikki Parkinson, 54, is a former journalist-turned blogger, author and now fashion designer. At the core of all that she does is her love of helping and supporting women to find greater confidence through their everyday style and the life they lead.

Styling You, a Queensland micro business Telstra Business Award winner, has attracted sponsorship from national brands such as FRANKiE4 Footwear, Allianz travel insurance and Priceline.

In 2019 Nikki launched her own fashion label, Styling You The Label, offering Australian-made, non-boring wardrobe basics that take the stress out of the what-to-wear question.

She has long advocated for a disruption in the way that fashion is marketed to women. Styling You The Label is the first label globally to invest in showcasing its designs on every size that it sells – size 6-20. Not only does that increase customer confidence but it flips the idea that fashion should only be seen on one size, height, age, colour, belief or ability.

Her favourite quote is from: Simone Merlo

Pressure makes diamonds!

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