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If ever there was an essential oil to use to support rejuvenation and endurance, then Myrrh or Commiphora myrrha would be it! An amazing oil to help you through physically and emotionally demanding times and particularly perfect for this time of year being the festive season.

The history of Myrrh is closely tied to that of Frankincense and were amongst the two precious resins preserved for rituals and ceremonies, perfumes and medicine. It has been mentioned as far back as 4,000 years and has been considered precious given its association as one of the gifts to Christ from the wise men for its power to ground and connect at a deep level. It was always used for religious ceremonies and fumigations by ancient Egyptians.

Myrrh has powerful therapeutic and medicinal qualities. It is used as an anti-inflammatory aid, an expectorant, a stimulant and digestive aid. It can assist with bacterial and fungal infections, diarrhoea, and flatulence.

Myrrh has astringent qualities and is said to support the healing of mouth, gum and throat infections and wonderful for cold sores. In an ointment this amazing oil can also support the healing of bed sores and wounds.

When it comes to skincare Myrrh is a miracle worker. Amazing for dry and mature skin, it also helps with the reduction of wrinkles and can help to heal cracked heels. You can use Myrrh as a skin tonic and a quick pick-me-up to make your skin feel refreshed.

Myrrh instils a deep sense of calm and connection and can help you to feel more grounded and peaceful. It supports you to feel more abundance and expansion.

This powerful oil is an excellent uterine stimulant and can help relieve painful periods.  It is said to help with childbirth and to support more trust from within.

Myrrh is wonderful to use for respiratory conditions such as colds and flu’s and is most powerful in an inhalation by placing a few drops into a bowl with hot water and placing a towel over the head. Of course the diffuser is excellent for supporting everyone in the home to breathe easier too.

From an emotional point of view, it can be used to help create more patience and is an excellent tonic for those who over think, worry and suffer from anxiety. If you feel down and vulnerable, then Myrrh is a strengthening oil to help you feel more inspired and empowered. It can help you feel less neglected, overwhelmed and sad. It supports a more positive outlook, is inspiring, warming and fortifying. It is an excellent oil to help seek life’s direction and of course for endurance.

Myrrh has been symbolic with rituals for thousands of years. It blends beautifully with Frankincense, Pine and Orange and is a main ingredient in the famous Egyptian perfume ‘Kyphi’ known to reduce wrinkles and preserve youth.

Myrrh is said to have a wonderful effect on the spirit and instils more inner peace and quietness.  It is excellent to use in prayer and meditation and in healings.

‘My Connection to intuition is empowering and I follow the guidance that comes with ease and grace.’

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