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‘It’s quality and that’s why I made it. I was so sick of having or finding things that had something else in it. I guess that’s another reason why I created the company. I just wanted people to choose better. I wanted better quality and if I can inspire someone to choose a better quality product just in one thing then hopefully that inspires them to choose better in every single thing in their life. Or maybe they’ll look at something else a bit different and think, ‘Oh maybe I should look at something else in my life. Or what about the skincare I use, she said something about the chemicals in sunscreen? Well ok, what sunscreen do I use?’ That’s pretty much why I did make it and why I love it and I still do it. It’s just this awesome product that came along with it.’  Tarnea O’Meara

Daughter of Cyndi and Howard O’Meara the gorgeous Tarnea O’Meara explains how she grew up seen as the ‘hippy’ given her upbringing with these two special souls and how it is no accident she ended up studying nutrition and chiropractic care. We find out what makes this young woman tick and how she is making the most of her life regardless of how the world is right now. Tarnea is all about making better choices, choosing the best quality and living better, wildly.

Tarnea shares with us about her rebellious years of eating a lot of things that did not work for her but also how it lead her to want to actually study nutrition. A desire to be a professional surfer and a love of nutrition also helped her to realise how amazing the body is.

Now studying to be a chiropractor in Spain, Tarnea realises how special it was to grow up in the O’Meara clan! She knows how rare it is to be a part of such an amazing family and is now acknowledging what it means to her.

With an incredible start in life including a journey that took her family travelling around Australia for two whole years, made her value and appreciate the outdoors and family a lot more. It has given her the confidence of where she is and where she has been. And the places she wants to go. Being immersed in the Aboriginal culture at times and seeing different families and ways of living has made her appreciate how she has confidence to travel and fall in love with the idea of adventure.

It opened her world to other people and not feeling so isolated in a home. It has made her think for herself and create a more open mind.

Tarnea talks family and appreciates how her siblings are her best friends thanks to a shared and unique upbringing. She believes it is a bit of both nature and nurture that has inspired her to be who she is today.

As a teenager she had a snow season at Mt Hotham and had a few seasons in the USA which included cheap and not so nutritious food. She explains how the SAD (Standard Australian Diet) has such detrimental impacts on our health and body.

She explains that the ramifications of eating this way which includes inflammation and pain but also knows this is NOT normal. So many may not know what it is like to be without these symptoms, they think it is normal yet as Tarnea explains this is anything but normal.

Tarnea explains the most common conditions she saw in clinic were anxiety and depression as well as gut issues. Of course there was weight issues but it saddened her to see when a diet is so bad it can be hard to see how it effects our moods and emotions so extremely.

We talk addiction to sweet cravings and the emotional impact this has on the individual. Advertising does not help. Media marketing is smart but does not serve the health of the individual. We are not educated enough or educated in the right way.

To get back to wholistic living and fine health Tarnea believes it is important to be open minded about what is out there. There is not one protocol that fits one person. She believes the less ingredients the better. Taking responsibility for what you put in your pantry. Part of loving yourself is knowing what to do to take care of yourself.

Education and experimenting can be a wonderful way to understand how your body is best served. Maybe dropping certain foods, trying something for a week. Being mindful of how you feel after eating a meal. Don’t scoff food down. Self-awareness would be one of the first most important steps and noticing how you feel every single day.

Experimenting with certain protocols like the 4 Phase Fat Elimination protocol at Changing Habits or fasting or the GAPS protocol which allows your system to rest, all of which allows the body to reset metabolism and the gut or look at it as a detox.

Tarnea admits failure has been a part of her food. But she says the most important thing to do is to remember your why? That is what will keep you focused and on target to keep you more motivated to stick to taking care of yourself.

We talk about the health of surfers. Tarnea believes some are maybe even half of all surfers out there have an affinity for health and excitement of travel. But she soon realised for herself how beneficial food was in the way she performed or felt the next day or recovered.

Tarnea discusses her beautiful brand new product ‘Wild Collagen Reds’ that took her over two years to develop. It started out as a thought being in the sun all the time so she wanted something to help support her in her body and what she was doing. Particularly when it came to skincare. You are what you eat. So she looked into the good foods for the body and good proteins.

This is why marine collagen became the foundation for her new product being great for the skin, ligaments and the skin. She then wanted to support her immune system when traveling so she added beetroot, raspberries for their Vitamin D and blackcurrant which has anthocyanins which are so beneficial due to the Vitamin C but also the antioxidant qualities too.

And so Wild Collagen Reds was born which you can get from: or from Changing Habits at:

This is super beneficial for recovery and has remarkable qualities to help the individual to choose better. And maybe this would then inspire people to make better choices.

Tarnea enrolled in a weekend to hunt and gather her own food in Sydney. She was the only woman on this trip. She was watching the way the world was going. She realises how disconnected to food we really are and where it actually comes from. She wanted to know she could catch it, shoot it or cut it up and use it correctly. She learned how to hunt, and on this weekend, shares how they found deer and goat. She learnt how to harvest it from scratch and appreciate the true meaning of grass fed. And most importantly the gratitude for the life of the animal.

She shares what drove her to travel to Spain to study further. She shares her experience of seeing her niece born, the initial struggles and need for medical intervention but even more so how the chiropractic community all came together.

She wanted to be a part of this and felt signs from all angles to get to Spain to be part of this loving community. She felt staying in Australia would have been the easy way out. But she has been in this country her whole life and needed a new experience and challenge. She has always wanted to study overseas and experience new cultures and the overriding appealing thing was the challenge, it was not the easy way out.

Now, Spain is her home away from home with even more like-minded souls. It is amazing and awesome and she feels she is in the right place right now.

She says go when you are not ready, you will never be ready. Take the leap of faith even if it scares the shit out of you. You can always go back.

Tarnea talks about the state of the world and how she is navigating it all. The virus is indeed a conversation and some rules have changed and they want to bring out a vaccine passport as well. She says it doesn’t effect her too much. She doesn’t care if she cannot go out. She still sees the world as amazing and as far as she is concerned it is about perspective. She will continue as she wants to go on and get around the obstacles. And if there is a block she will find a way!

Her message to her family is that she misses them all a lot. But she is doing so freakin well, worry about yourselves hoping everyone is all ok in Australia. She loves them all. And staying connected via technology makes her feel like she is almost here.

Her definition of Self Love is taking responsibility for your own happiness. She realises she was trying to find an external source of happiness but with a change in mindset she knows that no one else can make you happy. Happiness is a choice. It’s your responsibility and how that manifests which could be a bath or in nature or spending time doing nothing.

She knows you can have a day of a pity party but do something, or do something else. Change what you are doing. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got… So, do something else.

Tarnea talks openly about her chiropractor brother in law TJ (Tim James) and shares how inspiring he is. She talks about how inspiring her sister Casie and TJ were through their challenges of their child being born.

Tarnea shares her daily practices on how to live through such strange times:

  • Find something you love and do it everyday
  • Find rituals and routines
  • Appreciate the small things in life like the rain
  • Make tiny things better
  • Gratitude, write down what you are grateful for that day
  • Show appreciation
  • Affirmations are amazing for manifesting
  • Mindset quotes
  • Stay in your own world and skip!

Her message to her mum and dad would be thankyou for all the hard work you have put in. She knows how lucky and fortunate she is and appreciates how hard her parents worked.

Her favourite quote is from Anais Nin:

The world is not as it is, it is as we are.

Asking Tarnea who she is, here is her response.

Well, where do I start? I grew up is a dang lucky family that embraced wholehearted living and holistic practices. Was taught that life and health are some of the most important things we have and making things from scratch, cooking and getting messy in the kitchen was a fun thing. I spent my teens and early 20’s living it up, eating everything I wasn’t allowed to eat when I was younger. I had a ball and fell in love with the idea of surfing!

I then competed around the world in professional surfing and started to really hone in on my food and nutrition. I soon realised the power of food. How drastically it can affect us emotionally, physically and mentally. Nutrition and cooking become my priority and so I began my studies in Nutrition. I am now a qualified Nutritionist that has gone on to create my own brand to share a message that quality really matters and we need to choose better every time. That Healthy Co. I fell in love with the human body when you give it the right tools, that is when we really thrive! This has lead me to further my studies.

Surrounded by the chiropractic world, the loving and embracing community that it is, I now have started studying in Barcelona to become a Chiropractor. And that is where you find me now. First-year, and loving it. Im 27 and I cant wait to be a Chiro now as well.

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