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‘We feel more close-hearted when we are in that state of fear. And that happens as a type of protection really, but unfortunately a side effect of a closed heart means we are less connected with ourselves so it is harder for us to hear our own intuition and our own gut feelings, our own sense of what is true for us and what is right for us as individuals but what it also does, it doesn’t just create that sense of disconnection from ourselves, but it creates that sense of disconnection from others and the world around us too. Not just in ourselves but division between one another.’

A very openhearted and real conversation around the state of the world through the eyes of one of Australia’s most well-renowned natural health practitioners Helen Padarin who in this interview guides us with science and soul back into our hearts with love and care.

Knowing there is so much for our nervous systems to navigate right now it is clearly impacting our health with so many feeling the pressure. Helen believes the focus needs to come back to self-care and to truly nurture one self.

Her clinic has seen more restrictions and pressures and coercions the base line stuff we are all dealing with now has added pressure like isolation or lock down or fear… it is not just emotional and mental which is huge but also a link to the physical.

We talk soul, spirit and how to have an open heart.

So to understand this more when we are in a state of fear our amygdala is activated and the frontal part of the brain shuts down – amygdala hijack – and we go into a reactive state of being. We make decisions out of fear in a reactive state rather than a sense of empowerment. And this shuts of our heart as a form of protection but a side effect means we are less connected with ourselves. It also disconnects us from ourselves and one another.

It does not matter about your opinions or beliefs right now there is a lot of fear happening on both sides.

Helen lets us know all the things that can bring us back to our present moment and into our body. To open our hearts we need to get back into our body and to know that our senses bring us back to the body.

We talk neuro-psycho-immunology and how stress impacts our endocrine system and neuro-transmitters and nervous system innovation. This can make us susceptible to immune disorders and things like cancer, even our reproductive cycles and fertility. It effects our ability to produce digestive enzymes and how we absorb food of which the nutrients are the building blocks for health and wellbeing.

The biggest emphasis in times of any stress is to maintain our sense of health and wellness.

Helen acknowledges that no matter how smart or educated anyone is ultimately we are all human and all humans experience trauma over the extent of each person’s life. If we are not aware of the patterns created by these traumas, we can create repeating patterns. We are all to some extent children walking around in adult bodies with wounds and the need to heal some aspects of our lives. We never heal in isolation, we are always interacting with others so the more we can take ownership of our own stuff with compassion and empathy we can help the healing of the collective.

Through experiences we have innate biases which will support our story. It takes a lot of courage to entertain another story… and actually question our beliefs and stories.

There is so much influence from industry happening as well. We have always known that industry does not always have the best interests of the consumer at heart and there is a lot of vested interest right now.

If we can meet with openhearted discussion and friendly debate, instead of a culture of not agreeing so you cannot be friends anymore, then there is more hope. It is very fascinating how quickly this shift in being able to converse and being able to have different points of view and healthy debate. We seem to have lost a lot of that lately which may indeed be driven by fear and hearts being closed off.

We discuss the possibility of having more open-hearted conversations. Perhaps read ‘Non-Violent Communication’ by Marshall B Rosenberg and maybe understanding ‘The 4 Agreements’ by Don Miguiel Ruiz where one is to not take things personally.

Helen believes pauses are so important. And to actually hear what the other person is saying and not take it personally, but rather find yourself saying, ‘That’s interesting.’

Somatic experiencing is a type of trauma therapy. This is about understanding where the memories are held in the body. The better we know ourselves the less threatened we will be by others. The more ok and openhearted we can be regardless of another’s opinion the more open we can be to learning understanding that we know everything. We have a lot of different shapes and shades to each of us.

We go down the rabbit hole of who is ‘THEY’? When we are told ‘they say’ we have to do things or not do things. Helen has a variety of views on this, whether it is the perceived power of the elite or whether it could be a mental construct and our responsibility – or broken down into our ability to respond.

When you are responsible you have more choice. And it gives you more options. It may not be easy but then having no choice is not easy either. ‘They’ could be the construct of who we give the power to, and maybe we feel powerless or the victim. It can be incredibly scary and difficult territory. People in places of power are vastly outnumbered by the population itself. And if everyone stayed true to their own truths and were more empowered there may be less problems.

We all need to do our own healing.

Helen explains how a vaccine was developed and what it has done for humanity and although her understanding is limited right now she believes it may not all be as it is portrayed.  She encourages all to look into the era of the polio vaccine and the story behind the story.

This vaccine is very different to any vaccine ever produced before. A vaccine takes 7-15 years to be deemed relatively safe. A vaccine normally has a part of the live or dead pathogen. The mRNA is basically coding our cells to make an identifying protein from your own cells that looks like the protein on the virus. You are producing that threat within your own body which is where some of the concern has come about. What happens to the immune system when it is primed in such a way?

The immune system primed in this way creates an overreaction which can potentially cause death. Helen also talks about the other ingredients graphine oxide and what impacts that might have. Another concern is that they have been produced with brand new technology with NO long term proof to say they are safe and effective. They also do not stop transmission and they may reduce hospitalisation, even though some research suggests otherwise, it does not fit the previous definition of a vaccination.

Helen expresses her concern around the idea of herd immunity (which protects the most vulnerable people) where it was once suggested that 70-80% in total of people who have had the infection, or the vaccination, was herd immunity… and now the definition on the World Health site it is now only reached through the vaccination… this raises a red flag too.

The other part of the picture is there are known therapeutics (medications and supplements) that are cheap and very readily available (when not inhibited) that have been proven to help viruses like Covid yet these have been now removed from availability. This also raises red flags.

There is no way this is about health, this is about CONTROL.

If it was about health we would be hearing about quality sleep, to eat well, movement, water. If it really was a pandemic then spending $26m on an advertising campaign it begs the question why we need this much spent to prove it is.

When other things are being withheld and there is only one way out of this it begs the question why?

We talk about how one size fits all, it has never been the case with food, lifestyle, climate and certainly not pharmaceutically… There are genomic testings done for breast cancer alone to ensure the right medication is administered to the right woman. So, to assume this one vaccine is right for everyone raises question. How can it be ok to inject brand new technology into a brand new baby or pregnant women when we have no data to support the long term safety?

There has been over 10,000 reaction claims to the vaccine which is more reactions to this shot than every other shot combined over the past 30 years. We are playing with fire.

It is amazing how many resources we pulled together for this one event. Imagine if we spent this much money educating villages on permaculture, food, agriculture, educating in schools and driving a deeper connection to what we are eating. Or it could be used in safe water resources. The means are obviously there to do it as it has all suddenly appeared, yet we are a country in debt. In Helen’s opinion we have misdirected funds, energy and action.

This could be the issue with centralised systems rather than acting locally for global benefit. More things close to home that people are engaged with. It comes back to the disconnect to our needs and sustenance.

We talk about following the money trail behind this world-wide scenario.

The third largest cause of death in the USA is medicines prescribed for their correct reasons. Not incorrect, but correct. If alternative integrative doctors or chiropractors for example get an adverse reaction they are named and shamed. They are considered dangerous.

The maxima of first do no harm has certainly gone out the window with this. Nobody can say with true conviction that these vaccines are safe and effective. Maybe in 10-15 years time we may see they worked out pretty well, but we need to remember they are still in trial and research phase. So, there is no way they can say with certainty otherwise.

Things we can do:

  1. Medical treatments are a personal choice. Helen fully supports it. She does not support mandates and coercion.
  2. Support your system with good water, nutritious food, sleep, laughter, relaxation, play, sunshine… we need daily to keep our mind, heart, immune system and hormones in good condition. The more regulated and balanced and well-functioning these things are the better resilience we have through times of stress. Focus on nourishing and cleansing you.
  3. Supplements for extra support whilst in a heightened state of pressure including more hands on care like acupuncture, chiro, massage, holding yourself. There is more need for more nurturing and care.
  4. If you choose to have the jab from the research in past 18 months and the function of these interventions, things that can be somewhat protective in various protocols like quercetic, vitamin D and C, resveratrol, glutathione, zinc etc
  5. Daily basics – Sheridan Austin’s Foraged for You Mother’s Blend and Glow a skin support formulation with collagen, Australian native foods high in Vit C and antioxidants, resveratrol and maritime pine bark which all have immune modulating effects.

Fear is the greatest driver towards stress so get back into your heart and know that wherever you are at right now is the right place.

It is time to act from a different place. Gain new perspectives. Gather mentors who help with embodied experiences not just talking. Approach with softness and compassion and then we can do it for others. If we do not heal this, we will judge others. Say I see it. I hear you. I support you. Cultivate that compassion and connection within and for all parts of ourselves.

Check out the Twenty8 blend Immune Boost 10ml synergy oil blend and Pine Oil.

Helen’s final message to you is this… you need to feel it to heal it. The flipside is that whatever we resist persists. Encourage some softness and compassion for yourself as we are in challenging times right now. Acknowledge you are doing the best you can with the resources you have at the moment. Give yourself some love, compassion and high-5’s so far.  Be open to being curious about what you are feeling. Don’t shut it out or numb it with food or alcohol. Remember you are not your feelings, they are feedback system. You are feeling your feelings you are not your feelings.

Sometimes just seeing it is enough for it to transform into something beautiful. Do things that are really nourishing for yourself and from there seeds will grow and spread.

Spend time with yourself and learn to grow with and trust your intuition. That will change the world. You’ve got this!

Her definition of Self Love is to really acknowledge and accept with compassion all parts of ourselves. We are not binary creatures. We are not all good we are not all bad, all joy and frivolity or shame and disgust. We have all parts. We have the fear, anxiety, the bliss the sadness, the grief. The only way we can really love ourselves is to befriend all those parts of us. Befriend fear, it’s not necessarily bad. Get curious about your feelings and the situation. Create a shift within and we can gain a new perspective.

Her favourite quote is from Rumi:

Beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing

There is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

It just is.

Naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist and author Helen Padarin has been in clinical practice since 2001. She works from one of Sydney’s most highly regarded integrated medical centres along with GP’s, a paediatrician and other practitioners.

Helen holds a bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Naturopathy), advanced diplomas in nutrition, herbal medicine and massage and has completed extensive post-graduate training in treatment for metabolic, neurologic, digestive and immune disorders.

Helen is passionate about conscious living, real food, vital health and empowering individuals, families and organisations to find the joy in being well. She gains constant inspiration from seeing clients make conscious changes to their physical health to find that it also benefits their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing as well. She loves working with other health professionals, community groups, thought leaders and game changers providing a truly holistic approach to health and in doing so creating a supportive community.

Helen finds nothing more satisfying than seeing patients and clients inadvertently spread inspiration to friends and family around them. Vitality, it turns out, is contagious!

In spare time Helen enjoys outdoor adventure, walking in nature, spending time by and in the ocean, playing (i.e. working on strength and fitness in dynamic functional and fun ways), progressing her own journey of wellness, sharing enriching and joyful experiences with friends and family, and continuing on the journey of “know thyself”.

Helen’s Qualifications
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) – University of New England
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (Nature Care College, Sydney)
Diploma of Nutrition (Nature Care College, Sydney)
Diploma of Botanical Medicine (Nature Care College, Sydney)
Diploma of Remedial Massage (Nature Care College, Sydney)
Holistic Lifestyle Coach (CHEK Institute)
MAPS (Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs) Practitioner Training

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