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‘I think I have been lucky that I’ve always done the work on myself over the years. So I have a sort of collection, a tool kit in place that keeps me positive. Or when things feel tough, I’ve got something to go to, to help me through those difficult times. And definitely, my essential oils, my connection with the Mentoring Group and my love of personal growth I think certainly helps me to keep going in this space.’ Liz Sefton

Based in Victoria and living through the past 20 months under Dan Andrews governance, Liz Sefton opens up about how Victorian’s have been affected harshly with freedom after freedom being taken away through Covid. Liz feels enough is enough and it’s time to stop the segregation and pushing state against state and get back to living with love and courage. Liz is a passionate wellness advocate with a strong focus on nourishment for the mind, body and soul and a deep respect for personal growth.

Liz Sefton is The Nourishing Home and is on a mission to empower people to create, simple and sustainable healthy lifestyle habits that are easily implemented into the family unit. She knows the secrets for success lie in the powers of food and self-care. Liz is a beautiful wife, mum of two and a Chiropractic Assistant at N8 Health in Kyabram. She is also a qualified food coach and health and lifestyle educator for Twenty8 Essentials.

In this interview Liz shares her personal story, her reason why she does what she does. She talks about finding herself, her beautiful family and hubby and how she fell into a love of running.

What I particularly love about this interview is Liz’s passion to learn and expand her awareness. She has a love of food and knows how much of an impact it can have on your health and mindset.

Losing her brother Frank to suicide and with her niece Amelia suffering a brain injury at birth this beautiful soul dedicates a lot of her time to managing charitable events that matter to her.

I had the privilege of meeting Liz at The Wellness Summit and am honoured to call her a dear friend. She completed the Health & Lifestyle Education Program with me and came to France in 2019 with my tour group.

Liz believes in the power of positive mentors and knows throughout her life she has come to understand the profound insights and benefits they have on her life.

Always willing to learn, Liz is inspired to be in the background of big events and came to know she did not want to be the one out the front. She truly is the wind beneath many wings and I for one could not do without her incredible ability to help us all to shine.

Liz says her purpose is to SERVE. It fills her heart, it brings her joy, she loves the stories, interactions and how many of her own a-ha moments she has. Being a part of other people’s events helps to fill her own cup and many have quite literally changed her life and many others.

After completing the Big Red Desert Ultra Marathon Liz discovered she was a lot stronger than she thought. She was more resilient and came to appreciate her own power over her mind.

Her daily self-care rituals include moving every day, meditation, her body boost, affirmations, eating good food, using her essential oils, connection with friends, taking moments for herself including listening to great podcasts such as:

The Self Love Podcast (thankyou angel!), 100 Not Out, The Imperfects, Guy Lawrence, The You Project, Health, Happiness and Human Kind.

We talked about losing her Dad during Covid, her family and how much her sisters are a huge part of her life.

Liz shares about her amazing hubby Jason who is wonderful at supporting their kids through these challenges. She said he has done a lot of work on himself. And it shows. She has done a lot of work on herself over the years and knows it is her saving grace.

A 12 week transformation program is what taught her how to prioritise herself and how it helped her go from being a walker to an incredible ultramarathoner. It is a phenomenal process open to anyone she believes.

Her greatest message to us all is to show up every day with an inspiring intention, allow yourself to grow and connect. Life is constantly evolving and you have a chance in every moment to expand and grow.

Beautiful Liz gives a wonderful account of the Self Love & Wellness Mentorship Program sharing her experiences so beautifully (the link is below).

And Liz shares more specifically her daily self care rituals that include her saying her mornings are all about her…

  1. Wake with a chosen oil and take a few deep breaths
  2. Go to gym, a walk or to Pilates
  3. Do a body boost and set an intention for the day
  4. Put on her Diffuser and she has one at work
  5. Use her Spritzers throughout the day
  6. Create pattern interrupts using her Aroma Mists
  7. She loves cooking and baking
  8. And of course listening to podcasts

Her definition of Self Love is about accepting yourself warts and all but also giving yourself permission to change the things you may not like without guilt. Treat yourself as you would a loved one and a best friend.
Her favourite quote is a Chinese Proverb:
If there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person

If there is beauty in the person there is harmony in the home

If there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation

If there is order in the nation, there is peace in this world.
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