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‘You’ve got to get enough leverage on yourself. If you are hurting enough, stop hurting. Get enough leverage on yourself to move forward and move on. If you have lost your way and lost who you are, talk to people. There’s plenty of groups out there now. But the biggest thing is, get a handle on yourself. Move forward, keep moving forward, get enough leverage on yourself to make that change.’ Dr Howard O’Meara

Here is a beautiful conversation with the amazing Dr Howard O’Meara. This special soul has been a teacher, a policeman, a body-guard for the Royal Family and an amazing Chiropractor, Businessman and Entrepreneur. Howard is a high achiever. He says he has never missed a goal or not accomplished something he set his heart to. It is a case of never giving up and keep on moving forward. And whenever he gets uncomfortable or it’s not working then it is back to the drawing board to learn more, so you can.

Losing his father as a young man he never realised how much his dad meant to him until some years later. When he died, he realised his coping mechanism was that you just carry on. A book he was reading many years later on Mooloolaba Beach that suggested forgiving your father, pushed a lot of buttons. And Howard realised he had never forgiven him for dying.

He grew up in a time when bad things happen you just get up and get on. Losing his brother with a brain tumour and father was tough but he was reminded at that time to keep picking himself up, and that men don’t cry. It took him a long time to realise he can show emotions and be hurt and have tears and to love unconditionally.

We took a deep dive into the differences between men and women. And then how much this generation has changed to show love and express emotions. The gap is a lot closer now. We talked about family and his kids and how much they mean to him. He said his proudest moment of their life has always been as they have been born.

Howie discusses what it was like to take his family around Australia. He read a book called The Drifters all about a young couple who travelled around Europe in a combie van. He always had a traveling bug and after being so burnt out at work he felt it was time to take the family, have faith and head off around Australia.

Set your goal, have a go he says. He would recommend this to anyone, everyone. Just pack your family up in a confined space and go for it.

It’s a strange world right now and Howie says he refuses to get tied up in it. He takes note of what’s happening. He would recommend that you are aware of it. There’s a lot you cannot control but you can control the controllables. Get up and go! Don’t be restricted by the world circumstances, do life on your terms.

Howie talks about his experience as a body-guard for the Royal Family and how he is still friends with Prince Edward today. And we talk about chiropractic which he says is a very complete holistic approach to health. It includes your diet, your mental health, your physical health and your spine. The whole self.

We then discuss what it is like being married to the amazing Cyndi O’Meara and one word sums it up… challenging! She is a lady he highly respects. Her knowledge and the ability to read something and then is able to regurgitate it some years down the track. Life has never been dull that is for sure!

With an entrepreneurial spirit it was Howie’s drive and working with Cyndi that they completely turned their business around. He is a self-taught business owner.

He loves Robin Sharma’s book – Leadership without Title. He believes men have lost their way, but the way back is to do whatever it takes to stand strong. His final message is to keep moving forward. Love yourself. Know you will have set-backs but never, never, ever give up.

New Zealand born Howard O’Meara is a goal setter and super achiever. Whatever he puts his heart into, whatever he dreams of, he creates and accomplishes. Opportunities at school were not always on his side but that did not hold back his creative side as he took off overseas travelling around Australia. Lured back to settle and with a love of sport he qualified as a school-teacher majoring in physical education. He then joined the police force, which included working as a body-guard for Prince Edward.

After injuring his back and experiencing such rewarding chiropractic care he decided to apply to Chiropractic College and was accepted into Melbourne. He set up a very successful practice alongside working with many elite athletes at Commonwealth Games, World Champs and four Olympic Games. A highlight included being a part of the team for Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst who won gold at the Sydney Olympics.  He is the managing director and driving head of Changing Habits with his wife, well-renowned Nutritionist and Researcher, Cyndi O’Meara.

His definition of Self Love is having a belief that you hold that you are a valuable and worthy person. Contribute to your world, your family and self in a positive way. Hold yourself in high esteem. He says if you are on shaky ground or feel fear or self doubt it comes down to being in a powerful state or do not make decisions.

His favourite quote is: I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. For the harder I work, the more I live. I rejoice in life for its’ own sake. Life is not brief candle for me… it is a splendid torch of which I have to hold up, for but a brief moment and I will make it burn brightly as possible before handing it on to my future generation.
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