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Profile Of An Essential Oil – Immortelle – Helichrysum augustifolium

Immortelle is steam distilled from the yellow flowers of a small aromatic shrub that grows on cliff tops in the Mediterranean, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It is an exquisite oil also known as Everlasting and Helichrysum.

The name helichrysum comes from the Greek word helios (sun) and chrysos  (gold). This is because of the way this beautiful plant flowers, which can look a lot like masses of little golden suns. The yield is quite low. It takes a tonne of these flowering tops to produce up to 1.5kg of essential oil, which is why it is costs around $300 for just 10mls and why adulteration is common.

Immortelle is relieving, soothing, clearing and balancing and thanks to its unique chemical composition and some unusual sesquiterpenes not found in other essential oils it has amazing wound healing abilities.

Used in a massage blend Immortelle can help relieve oedemas, bruises and reduce scars and stretch marks. This also makes it an ideal addition in skincare for it has remarkable anti-aging abilities, and is particularly helpful for more mature skin and dry skin. Added to Rosehip oil it is remarkable in helping to reduce post operative scarring and cosmetic surgery healing. And as the name suggests Immortelle is said to be for the young at heart and eternal youthful appearance regardless of age.

In herbal medicine it has been used to help calm chest conditions like coughs, colds, bronchitis and asthma. It is also a beautiful essential oil and alongside oils like Eucalyptus, Pine and Lavender it is a perfect choice for a hot water steam inhalation. There is nothing quite like the good old fashioned breathing over a bowl with a towel over the head to relieve such conditions. A steam inhalation using Immortelle also helps to sweat the skin and support rehydration.

This pale-gold coloured oil is known to contain ketones that are renowned for their anti-inflammatory abilities. This helps with muscle aches and pains and combined with German Chamomile and Lavender it can help relieve muscle inflammation and injuries.

Immortelle has highly anti-microbial properties which is what helps it to heal wounds. Three drops added to teaspoon of Manuka honey would help with reducing the pain from burns, bites and stings. It also acts as a stimulant for the liver and is a good oil to use when on a detox.

For emotional support this oil when diffused or used in a massage can help reduce stress, grief, heartache, insecurities, negativity and worry.  It is also one of the best oils for more connectedness,  forgiveness, positivity, strength, warmth and wisdom.

From a research in aromatherapy point of view Immortelle is fairly new and really only came to the fore in the early 1990’s. But with its remarkable attributes as one of the best oils for inflammation, treating acute and chronic conditions and for its skin healing and regenerating properties it is now considered one of the most precious and highly regarded oils on the market today.

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